How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The Christmas season is a great time to decorate your home with a Christmas tree decorated with balls, garlands and various other decorations. Christmas tree decoration is a long-standing tradition for most families. But, not everyone knows how to beautifully decorate a Christmas tree. What is interesting: the first decorated Christmas trees appeared in 1510 in the city of Riga (Latvia). And in 1900 in many countries, large stores began to sell them. They were sold in different sizes and colors.

How to decorate a Christmas tree and what? Previously, the decorations were mostly homemade, that is, they were made with their own hands, at home. For example, dyed popcorn, which children dyed in different colors, and stitching with threads, hung on a Christmas tree, also hung fruit, nuts and sweets.

By the New Year, most people are interested in how to decorate the Christmas tree with their own hands. Do-it-yourself Christmas tree decorations include a combination of family traditions and personal tastes. Even with some attractive souvenir, toy, talisman, which was transmitted to you from your parents, grandmother or grandfather, you can add considerable emotional value and make the tree much more beautiful and more atmospheric.Today, there is a wide selection of traditional decorations, for example - vinyl records, garlands, tinsel, colorful ribbons, bows, candy and the most beautiful decorations of this beautiful tree - angels and stars. Angels or asterisks can be placed at the top of the tree, representing a multitude of angels or the Bethlehem star from the birth of Christ. Many people also decorate New Year trees on the street where bird feeders hang. In this case, the decorations will be garlands of unsalted popcorn, cranberries, orange slices, seeds, as well as pieces of other food. True, it is now very easy to imagine how to decorate a Christmas tree?

Instructions for decorating Christmas trees

Everyone wants to see in her house such a decorated Christmas tree for the New Year, so that when they looked at her, a smile from her beauty immediately appeared not only on her face, but also on her soul, it became warmer, and a real New Year mood appeared. For this you need to properly decorate it. First you need to carefully inspect the tree and make sure that there are no broken branches and damage on it, only then strengthen the trunk to a wooden or plastic stand.After the Christmas tree has been installed, we begin to correct the twigs (if you have an artificial Christmas tree, and if it is real, then you do not need to do this). We start to dress up.

All decorate the Christmas tree in different ways. Someone decorates only with sweets, who only with tinsel and toys, someone even with photographs or leaves of desires. But, in the main, the traditional and standard option is to decorate a tree with tinsel, toys and lights. They must be harmoniously combined with each other, be hung symmetrically, so that there is no busting.

Final stage

The final stage of decorating a Christmas tree is the installation of an asterisk on the top of the tree. You can replace the asterisk with an angel, it all depends on your desire. The final touch - and elegant Christmas tree is ready. You can also lay a transparent bag under it and gently put cotton on the bag, which must be crushed and made in the form of snow.


In addition to describing how to decorate a Christmas tree, it is worth recalling about the forgotten traditions of Christmas and New Year, this is a gift giving to relatives and friends. Gifts are packed in beautiful Christmas wrappers or in boxes with bows.

Christmas trees are usually located in the living room, as the festive table is set there and the party is held in this room. It is so beautiful to be in such a festive atmosphere, where tangerines smell, before the eyes of the symbol of the New Year - a decorated Christmas tree, lights flicker on the windows, and under the tree gifts from Santa Claus. A wonderful moment when everyone congratulates each other, exchanging gifts, rejoice, evicted. Under the sound of raised glasses, with cordial wishes, we see off the old, passing into history year, and with full hopes we celebrate the New Year. As the saying goes: "As you meet the New Year, you will spend it." Let us each year rejoice at this wonderful holiday with the family, surrounded by relatives, loved ones.

Traditionally, New Year trees are dressed up and made out a couple of days before the holiday itself, and not on the day it starts. Usually this beautiful tree is set on December 24th. A clean after Christmas, or after the "Old New Year."

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