How to decorate the garden

Garden decoration styles

There are classic garden decoration canons. They are characterized by clear shapes and lines, even angles. Fruit trees are framed by rectangular or rounded flower beds. At the same time one-year unpretentious plants are used. Curb flowers or low-growing shrubs are often planted along the edges of the paths.
Rustic-style gardens have the appearance of naturally grown vegetation. Only natural materials are used for its decoration. The tracks are made of wooden cuts or natural stone. You can use wild plants.
Many shrubs are planted in the labyrinth garden. Together with the trees, they form corridors interconnected. Trimming shrubs can create fancy shapes. The free space between them is filled with flowers of various varieties and colors.
The parterre garden is adorned with blooming flower beds of fancy shapes. They can be in the form of a pattern or a strange ornament. To create them use flowers and plants of different heights and colors.
Creative natures can create an individual themed landscape. It uses examples of Japanese, French or Persian gardens.

The use of decorative elements to decorate the garden

Paths in the garden are most often laid out with artificial stone or tiles. They can be straight or curled among trees and shrubs. Curb flowers are planted at the edges of the paths. You can also arrange them with small stumps of different heights.
Quite often, old things are used as decorations that are no longer suitable for use for their intended purpose. For a rustic-style garden, you can use old wooden household items such as tubs, baskets, and a trough. They are set on lawns or under trees, planted flowers in them.
It is good to create a place in the garden where you can relax in the summer heat. Without an artificial reservoir is not enough. A recess is made for it, it is laid out with a wild stone and water is run. If there is a system of streamlined water supply, you can arrange a whole fountain. The shores of which are decorated with greenery and flowers.
If the terrain allows, you can install an arbor in the garden.The branches of trees will create the necessary shadow. The area around the gazebo is decorated with climbing flowers and shrubs. You can plant grapes that will curl over the wall. And for a small square, install a small bench for relaxing under a big tree.
Places without tracks and not planted with flowers are covered with lawn grass. Just keep in mind that you need to mow it regularly. Otherwise, the grass will have an ugly look.
Whatever methods you use in decorating a garden, the main thing is to do it with a soul. And then your garden will bring you joy, positive and delight your guests.

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