How to download and install Torrent program, how to download torrent files

How to install µTorrent and download torrent photo files

How to download the install Torrent program for free in Russian

To download files from the Internet, you will need:


1) Laptop or computer;
2) Free access to the Internet;
3) Required Windows (operating system);
4) File for installation with the program µTorrent;
5) And of course be ready for all law-abiding citizens of society, will turn into a "pirate"!


Now let's talk about the main aspects of leadership:


How to install torrent and download torrent files



After the appearance of P2P peer-to-peer networks, and with it the possibility of sharing various files, the Internet has ceased to be a real informational, as well as free space. Fighting torrent - trackers of fighters for copyright is a waste of time. Yes, it is impossible to deny that for that for the fighters for copyright - they are evil, because they are considered offenders.But for ordinary users, they are saviors, people without them would still buy expensive versions of licensed games, music, and that the worst films. But stop, and the program is still needed for distribution, and the most important thing is downloading torrent files - and here it is - µTorrent!


Action number 1: How to optimize the program?


For the fastest possible work, the client needs to climb and delve into the settings. If the values ​​have the same digits with the picture - that's fine! And if different, then you need to make them the same! Only in this case, the program will earn even faster and more productive. But be careful: In the case of your desire to go somewhere abroad, do not be alarmed and do not be surprised when people come to you from law enforcement agencies, and confiscate your computer irretrievably, with all the downloaded content, pirated content. But it is better for you not to leave, and swing as much as you like, as long as you can of course!

How to install µTorrent photo


Action # 2: How to download a torrent program for free in Russian?


On the website, you can get the latest version of the program µTorrent, and most importantly, completely free - the program.On this site there are a large number of versions of this program, even there is a location in Russian. Now useful tips will tell you how to install Torrent, and how to download files through torrent.


Action number 3: How to run the file for installation?


And a very small file will appear on your monitor, approximately 800 kilobytes (approximately), then you double-click on it with the left mouse button to launch it. You should see the picture as shown in the example. Then you need to click on the "next" button, and then we are preparing for the process of turning you into a "pirate" in the worldwide pirate torrent network.

How to install µTorrent photo


Action # 4: How do the program makers warn us?


Usually, when installing various kinds of programs, without a click that you agreed to the license agreement, during the installation process you will not miss any program, but the torrent program is not at all like that! The manual simply warns users that there are scammers on the network who are fed to sell a program for free to users that is free to use, you can’t believe scammers in this case! Program torrent is absolutely free! And after you and I were already completely surprised by the human nobility of the leaders, click "next."

How to install µTorrent photo


Action number 5:


And then we have a license agreement !? Well, yes it is. But that is angry with the creators of such a wonder, and most importantly free program, just click "accept", and follow.

How to install µTorrent photo


Action # 6: How do you select the installation site?


The window shown to you will appear, well, here someone presses immediately further, well, we can hope that you can select a couple of megabytes on the C drive, well, there are people who choose the folder where to install, but in any case the program will be installed where your soul desires! And then what you need to click? That's right, click "next".

How to install µTorrent photo


Action # 7: How to set up the program correctly?


In this case, we will advise you to leave all the ticked boxes in their rightful places - believe it is very important. And if you do not do this, then the work of your torrent will be slowed down by the Window’s firewall. Well, you can at least remove one tick, “startup programs, during the launch of Window’s”.

How to set up a photo program correctly


Action # 8: Yandex annoying ads?


There is no special need to install these services that you see in the image. They can slow down your browser, especially seen in working with Mozilla.If you want to install, just click “install”, and if not, then you need to remove the checkmarks from these services in advance and also click “install”.

Yandex annoying photo advertising


Action # 9: Instant installation!


Since the program takes up little space, the installation takes place in an instant, and now you can start working with the torrent program!


Action # 10: How to download torrent files?


Well, now, when the program is installed, we go in - this is the largest torrent tracker in Russian, and we start downloading everything that your heart desires! For example, select a music album, and click "download torrent." Download files through the torrent in our time is very fast and convenient. Understood how to download torrent files?

How to download torrent files photo


Action # 11: How to work with the program?


And it is very easy to work, open the torrent tracker with the help of the program installed by us, and the file we downloaded in advance, choose the disk to download (well, based on the free space on it). Choose a place and click on the "ok". Not difficult? Now you know how to download and install Torrent program for free in Russian and how to download files through torrent. Good luck!

How to work with the program photo

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