How to download from rutube



Practically downloading videos from rutub is significantly more difficult than from other multimedia hosting sites. If you take a closer look at the list of sites that support programs for uploading videos, it is not clear why ruby ​​is a problem.


The main reason for this lies in some zhlobstvo owners of this resource. Guide video hosting does not want to share their resources, and prefers that visitors watch videos only on their portal. This leads to the creation of new and new problems. But the “Russian Ivan” is not such a simpleton. And always be able to find a loophole in order to be able to download videos from rutuba.


Why are there difficulties with downloading videos from their postsubles? This is due to the fact that the main file hosting services transmit data via the http protocol. Rutub decided to show off, and works with the rtmp protocol. This creates some difficulties in the work of services that provide links. The next is not a pleasant moment. When downloading videos from rutuba, you will not receive the usual avi-files. Everything comes in flv format. In practice, this means that you independently increase your list of tools for downloading, provided that the resource supports the rtmp protocol.


But it is worth remembering that many video materials are protected by copyright. This was already mentioned in the article how to download songs from a contact. The main thing is not to use downloaded commercials for commercial purposes. Even Ostap Bender said "we must honor the Code." But sometimes you want to save on your hard drive for your own views some material. It is for such Internet users that our site created an article on how to download from rutub. In the process of writing, many resources were tested and five ways were selected for your attention, how to download from rutuba. The result of our works will be photos and videos on this topic. Getting started.



How to download from rutuba withRuTubeGet



The first resource that will allow you to download from rutuba is a simple program RuTubeGet. It is easy to download from the official site. How to download from rutuba with the help of this program will be considered step by step.

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