How to draw a portrait in stages?

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How to draw a portrait in stages?

Almost every novice artist wants to be able to create portraits. It's so great to be able to draw your friends and relatives! Let's talk about how to draw a man.

How to draw a portrait of a man in stages

Drawing portraits is not easy. To begin, you can practice copying photos, then try to draw from life. For the first experience, select a photo where the face is located in full face or half-turn. There should be no complicating details on the selected face: complex hair, glasses, beard, mustache, a large number of wrinkles or scars. Let it be a young face with a simple hairstyle, for example, you can draw a portrait of a girl with flowing hair or with a tail.

Learning to draw portraits is better with a pencil, because pencil technique is the basis of fine art.

  1. Take a well-sharpened soft pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.Portrait
  2. In the middle of the sheet, draw a vertical line - the axis of symmetry.Parts of the face will need to be positioned symmetrically with respect to this line.
  3. Draw an oval face. This is a very important part of your portrait, so try to draw an oval face as accurately as possible. If necessary, use an eraser. Keep in mind that the contour was symmetrical.
  4. Draw also auxiliary horizontal lines - mark the line of growth of hair, eyebrows, the average line of the eyes, passing in the middle of the pupil, the line of the tip of the nose and lips. Sometimes novice artists make a mistake by drawing the eye line too high, at the level of the forehead. This is wrong - the eye line should be located strictly in the middle.
  5. Each face is individual, but you need to remember the basic proportions: the width of the eye is 1/5 the width of the whole face, the distance between the eyes is equal to the width of one eye, the nose line is located midway between the eye line and the tip of the chin, and the lip line is correspondingly midway between the last two lines . Naturally, there are people who have a very long nose or very big eyes - this also needs to be taken into account when drawing.
  6. Draw the contours of the eyes, pupils, the contour of the lips and nose.Mark the eyebrows in the form of curved lines, schematically mark the hair.
  7. Start drawing the details of the face. Pay attention to chiaroscuro - those parts of the faces that come forward will be lighter; in the folds of the face draw shadows. Shadows are depicted with hatching. Paint the hair with soft strokes, then blend a little.

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