How to draw a sky?

It is proved that when a person creates something with his own hands, creates, his health condition improves, he is less likely to get sick and smiles more often. Often we forbid ourselves to create, inventing excuses. Something like: "I can not draw." In fact, in this process there is nothing complicated, and the sea of ​​pleasure in the process of work is guaranteed. You can learn to draw anything, that's at least the sky. Take the child with you and learn how to draw the sky with him.

The sky can be drawn daytime with clouds, nightly with stars, watercolor or pencil, as your heart desires.

I will paint the whole world in my most favorite color

Now we will learn how to paint the sky with colors. For such a pattern, it is necessary to take a canvas, let it be an album sheet or drawing paper, a watercolor, a brush, the hair of which is 2 cm long, a brush that somewhat resembles a painting water.

  • Method 1. For him, we need a brush with a flat bristle. Mark the horizon line on the canvas. First, with a clean brush, wet the canvas well to the horizon line. Horizontal movements apply blue watercolor with a brush.Further we almost do not take paint, and we smear that is. It turns out that the top of the sky is blue-blue, and closer to the horizon is light blue. When the background is ready, wash the brush well. Now white paint in the middle of the sky do arc-shaped strokes. It will be clouds. Paints for the clouds do not need to feel sorry. After the strokes are thickly applied, it is necessary to wash the brush and smear these strokes with a clean brush slightly down and horizontally. It turns out very beautiful sky with clouds.
  • Method 2. For this method, you need a regular brush, but with a bristle length of 2 cm. We will paint not with a tip, but with bristle, holding the brush so that it almost touches the canvas. We brush the brush well with water and take a blue (dark blue) watercolor with it. From the very top of the canvas we begin to write the sky. When we draw the sky, we immediately outline the contours of the clouds and do not paint them. Since the brush is well moistened, you need to constantly ensure that there are no smudges. And if smudges appear, they need to be cleaned on time. Due to the fact that the brush is well moistened, the effect of "sky" is obtained. In some places a lot of paint, in others not. From below, we also draw a cloud outline with such paint. For more quality, add a gray watercolor below - the shadow of a cloud. Well smear the border between gray and blue paint. The sky is ready.

The sky will be covered with specks of stars

In other words, how to draw a starry sky.

On the canvas draw a circle. This is our future moon. On the moon there are pits, seas, therefore in this circle we place small circles and ovals. Decorate the moon itself in orange or dark yellow. The seas and pits are gray, brown. The space around the moon is painted in rich black or dark blue. It will be the night sky. On top of the black put white spots with a brush. They must be small, neat. These are stars. The drawing of the night sky is ready.

Here it is in front of you, a box of pencils

In this paragraph, we consider how to draw a sky with a pencil.

All you need is a canvas and a blue pencil. On the canvas draw clouds. Their contour is nothing more than a series of connected arcs. Now, using a knife to cut off the cloud-free space from the clouds. We take a piece of paper and with circular movements we smear the crumbs. Clouds do not touch. So it turned out a beautiful sky.

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