How To Draw A Christmas Nutcracker

How to Draw the Nutcracker

The little nutcracker man (seen mostly during the Christmas season) has been around for over 200 years. In the Brothers Grim fairy tales, he was called "Nussknacker." Today, the whimsical, yet practical nutcracker man adds joy to the holiday season. Why not try cracking away through this tutorial? Just by following these simple steps, you will be able to draw a nutty nutcracker in no time.


  1. Draw a circle for the head.At the bottom of the circle (as shown), draw a small rectangle. Position half of the rectangle within the circle, and half out.
    • Within the rectangle, draw a center line. This will be the line that separates the teeth.
    • Then draw three small, vertical lines, as shown.
  2. Create the hat.Add a thin, long rectangle on top of the circle. Above that, draw a larger square, then a small circle.
  3. Work on the hair next.On each side of the circle, just under the thin rectangle you drew in the previous step, draw two halves of a triangle. Later on, you'll be drawing in some jagged edges within these triangles to create the realistic hair.
  4. Draw the body.Draw a rounded edged rectangle below the bottom of the circle. Then, under that rectangle, draw a normal, small rectangle. Then draw another, yet smaller, rounded edged rectangle.
  5. Create the legs by drawing two rectangles under the small, rounded edged rectangle.At the bottom of the legs, draw two half circles to form the Nutcracker's shoes.
  6. For the arms, draw two rectangles on both sides of the torso.Within the rectangles, near the top, add two small rectangles. Overlapping the arms, draw two squares at the bottom. Then, add two circles, overlapping the square. This completes the arms and hands.
  7. Add a couple of details.You can decorate the Nutcracker however you like but for this tutorial, it has been decorated as follows:
    • Draw two lines in the middle of the chest, forming a V shape.
    • On each line, draw three descending circles.
    • Connect the circles with a single line.
    • At the bottom of the V, upon the middle rectangle, draw a small rectangle, and then another within it. For the things on top, the eyes should be within the middle of the circle, in the shape of a half circle.
    • Between the eyes, draw a small triangle for the nose.
    • Above the eyes, draw two small upper half circle shapes, for eyebrows.
    • It is up to you if you want to add blush, or a beard, which is simply some circles and a triangle.
    • Add two curved lines upon the hat and two small rectangles upon the legs.
  8. Outline your sketch in permanent media.It doesn't matter what you use (for example, ink or paint). After a few minutes, erase your pencil marks. This will make everything nice and tidy.
  9. Colour in your drawing.Add shades and highlights as you like. You can colour it in whatever festive colour you so desire.

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  • Question
    Why did the Nutcracker wear a hat and not a crown?
    Top Answerer
    He isn't a king officially until he transforms and Clara kills the Mouse King.
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How to Draw the Nutcracker
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