How to earn webmoney?

Many people did not refuse life from additional earnings or work through the Internet. How to make money on webmoney? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions in the search engines. Let's see what webmoney is, to see if you can make money with this resource.

Webmoney is not a means of earning, it is a payment system, a tool for entering, sending and withdrawing money, an Internet wallet similar to Yandex.Money, Qiwi, PayPal, etc. The only difference is that it works not only in Russia, as compared with Yandex. Money "," Qiwi "and others. It is more common, safe, convenient. This system is used by foreign citizens, as we have already said. This is very important if you periodically receive money from abroad. Webmoney is one of the most famous and largest electronic payment systems in the world, and the largest in Russia. You can register your own electronic wallet at:. Webmoney is also convenient because the payment is made instantly. Do not forget that the commission is 0.8% of the amount transferred.You must also remember that you will not be able to cancel the transaction, as is the case with a bank card. This creates some inconvenience for you, but, on the other hand, sellers of various goods using the webmoney system do not add to the price of goods a percentage of the risk of a withdrawal of payment. There are 9 types of webmoney wallets: dollar, ruble, euro, for Ukrainian hryvnias, Belarusian rubles, Uzbek sums, for money secured with gold and 2 types of wallets for issuing and receiving loans. Transfers are made between purses of the same type. This means that it is better to have, for example, dollar (Z) and ruble (R) wallets. To convert money from one wallet to another, you can use a special exchange.

How to make money on webmoney?

How, then, to earn webmoney on the Internet? Ways are different. Types of proposed work: from unskilled to complex drawings that require extensive knowledge. Using your natural inclinations, education and qualifications, you can find an additional income that suits you, and, perhaps, make it basic. Such people are called freelancers (wage workers who perform a certain amount of work without a long-term contract).Freelancer does not depend on the place of work, often it only needs access to the Internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet are traditional. These are all professional duties that can be performed remotely. Most often they include programming, various types of design, copywriting, rewriting, writing study papers, original articles (for example, for columns of various journals), posting, making money on clicks, making money on file sharing sites, consulting, creating games, etc. Freelancing is also suitable for photographers, PR people, marketers, architects, engineering specialists and various consultants (legal, economic advice). On our site already described ways to make money on the Internet, followed by their withdrawal through Yandex wallets. As we have already outlined, there is no fundamental difference; they are just tools.

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