How to ensure the safety of bank employees

You can use the services of public or private security services. All of them, as a rule, are organized by former members of the armed forces or internal affairs. Before you enter into a contract with such an organization, select the most reliable.
Create your own security service. Hire people who know how to handle weapons and are physically fit and sturdy by themselves. Register the security service in the state control authority. Since you decided to create it for the protectionbankand hisemployees, then coordinate this question with all founders. If you do not have the ability to register a service, you can disguise its employees as ordinary security guards.
Install CCTV cameras. In this case, note that each workplace employeebankshould be monitored.
Establish a place for guards oremployeessecurity services. It may be located in isolation from visitors (customers).bankbut at the same time it should be equipped with all necessary equipment (a computer that will display incoming video from the hallbank; table and chair).
Place an emergency button under each employee’s This will not only protect them, but also save their finances in
Note that there must be a security chief who can monitor all the protected object. In the event of a sudden penetration, he will take appropriate actions to protectbank.

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