How to equip a personal plot

Buying a summer cottage due to the need to have a corner for rest and relaxation. And if you like to grow vegetables, then it is useful to equip the put on everything you need - for example, distributing pipes for automatic watering, greenhouses. Work will be done in pleasure, in the country you really get relaxation, not fatigue. Beautiful sanitized plot - the dream of every owner. It is not always possible to embody all the ideas by yourself and there is usually not enough time for this. And how you want to come to the country and do what your heart desires, and not cleaning or solving problems, how to get water to water the beds.

Do you dream of creating landscape design on a plot and relaxing in this heavenly spot? This may take several years, if you do landscaping yourself. But having resorted to the help of specialists, you will enjoy beauty in a few weeks.

Ideas and their realization

To create a beautiful garden you need a fantasy, a sense of space, form, principles of combination of shades, knowledge of plants and the basics of their cultivation. And then the site will take the form similar to photographs from magazines. The concepts of creating landscape design are known only to professionals, they can plan and implement any ideas in a short time.

- this is the solution to many problems, for this you need to know the existing rules of construction and land tenure. This is important because the creation of landscape design is associated with the construction of structures, be it a greenhouse or a winter garden, an artificial reservoir, rock arias, or vertical gardening.

To make this all pleasing to the eye for many years and did not bring problems to the owners, you need to develop a project and draw up a plan for the execution of work. This approach ensures the durability of design elements.

How to start? Think over what you want to see on your site. Perhaps it will be a heather garden or plantations of conifers. Following the current trends, many people like the idea of ​​organizing a rock aquarium or a pond. Do you like to watch the flowering of ornamental plants all year round? The best solution is to build a winter garden.

Gardeners should think about the construction of greenhouses. These are structures of protected ground, equipped to create an artificial microclimate. It can be adjusted in order to grow vegetables and other crops year round. The greenhouse will protect plants from the scorching sun, keep moisture in the soil, save the owner from frequent propoloks, fight pests and diseases of planting material.

One cannot do without the help of professionals

When the decision on the design of the site is made, the planning stage begins. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances: the area of ​​the land allotment, its shape, the differences in the heights of the landscape, the depth of the groundwater, the movement of the sun during the daylight hours. This is important for determining shady and lighted areas when planting plants or organizing a resting place. In addition, they take into account the location of your and neighboring buildings in order not to violate the norms laid down by law. Professional planning - an important aspect in the improvement of the site, it will reflect the main concepts and integrity of the future landscape design. Only specialists can find the right solution to technical problems that arise during the creation or reconstruction of a garden.

When planting shrubs and trees, it is important to know the principles of their neighborhood and the rules of cultivation. Success depends on the correct initial stage. Plants are demanding to the acidity and composition of the soil, some do not withstand the close occurrence of groundwater. All these nuances are taken into account when landing. If the work is done incorrectly, the seedlings will soon die. It is not difficult to grow conifers, heathers or deciduous crops, for this you need to choose the right place and prepare the soil. Professionals will help you in this matter. Transform your estate and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding space. Traveling to the cottage let bring a lot of fun, not pain in the back and knees.

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