How to find out the connected services on MegaFon

Often connected services bring a lot of inconvenience. In especially difficult unpleasant cases, the operator can withdraw money for their service. It’s not always easy to figure out the variety of services offered by Megafon, especially if it is not known which of them are connected.

How can I see the connected services of Megaphone?

Users of Megafon can at any minute find out what services are attached to their number. Including which ones are paid and which are not. The easiest way to do this is with a USSD request. To do this, dial * 505 #. which allows you to get information about the connected subscriptions on the number. All information about the connected services has become more accessible for users by entering this option. It is absolutely completely free and available to all users. In addition, anyone can use it at any time of the day, since the function is fully automatic.

An alternative way to clarify the question of which services the number is signed is no more difficult than the above. USSD combination is also used. The code looks like * 105 * 11 # and a call button. As a result, the list of connected services is displayed on the phone's display. Similar information can be obtained by using another combination - * 105 * 559 # and the call button, or by calling a number to 0500559.

For fans of an interactive mobile clarification of such questions, a call to a simple short number 0505 is ideal. In response, you will hear an answering machine, following the prompts of which you can find out which packages of additional services the number from which the call is being made.

A particularly convenient option is to receive information in the "Personal Account" on the official website of the company. With it, you will quickly and fully get comprehensive information about the number and the connected services.

Connected services Megaphone

  • “Personnel control” - this service allows you to monitor employees: find out the exact location and allow you to find out if they are not deceiving you, voicing a different location that does not correspond to the working schedule.The service is chargeable, but in the conditions of modern life it is quite in demand.
  • “I called” - the service allows you to have a telephone conversation at the expense of the called subscriber, i.e. friend.
  • “Megaphone money” - a mobile operator provides an opportunity for its customers to make money transfers to another number of the same mobile operator and to a bank card
  • “Trust” - allows you to communicate on a mobile phone on credit, even with a minus balance.
  • “MegaZvonki +” allows you to make unlimited calls in the Megafon network in Moscow and the Moscow region for one hour a day.

How to disable the paid services of Megaphone?

To do this, you need to register in the "Personal Account" of the operator Megafon on the official website of the company, and get a personal password. After that, go to the section of paid subscriptions and turn off unnecessary to you. You can also call the operator and ask you to turn off paid services.

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