How to fuck a guy?

August 18, 2014
How to fuck a guy?

Usually, men easily agree to have sex, which cannot be said about girls. Women are waiting for long courtship, gifts, dates, romance. But it happens the other way around - the girl does not know how to drag a man to bed. How to fuck a guy if he is not active, and there is no longer enough power to endure? Let's see together how to drive a man into sex.

Women's Tricks

So, women can use time-tested ways of temptation. Non-verbal signals will clearly give the guy to understand exactly what you expect from him. No man can resist you, but do not replay - this is the first and most important rule.

  • Do not be too intrusive. Obsession causes a desire not to get close, but to get rid of your society. Inaccessible girls cause a passion, not those who are ready to throw themselves into bed with a wave of a finger, but women who need to be conquered. Even if you yourself are eager to surrender at the mercy of the winner as soon as possible, still a man needs to fight.
  • Alcohol.If your evening begins at a party, at home or in a restaurant, then try to have a man drink enough, but not too much. As you know, with a slight intoxication, sexual desire sharpens.
  • Atmosphere. It is better if it is a darkened room, if you invite a guy home, light incense and close the curtains.
  • Unexpected touches. Touch his hand or shoulder while talking, place his head on his shoulder. Another good way to get close - dance. Cuddle up to the partner in the dance, stroke his shoulders, back.
  • To a girl to fuck a guy, you need to make him want his appearance. A man is excited by the open parts of a woman's body: a deep neckline, a fitting dress, a short skirt will help. However, do not allow everything to be on display at once - then all interest will disappear.
  • Give non-verbal signals. Touch your lips by chance while talking, lick them, but do it naturally. Cross your legs, play with your hair, beautiful chain, which is lost in the cut of your neckline. For more information about the secrets of seduction, you can read in our article What excites guys.
  • If it seems to you that the moment has come, you can come up behind you and hug a man or slowly begin to massage his neck. When he turns to you, kiss him with a long passionate kiss.
  • There is an even more spectacular way: send a man to the kitchen to make tea, and when he returns, meet him lying in bed in beautiful clothes.
  • After all the above actions, it will be easier to continue communication in a more intimate setting.

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