How to get a light bulb out of your mouth?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
December 28, 2012
How to get a light bulb out of your mouth?

It is strongly not recommended after this article to shove a light bulb in your mouth, and then remove it according to this instruction! It is necessary, first of all, to those people who, because of their excessive interest, still got into such a tragicomic situation. Very often, because of shame, the victim refuses to go to the emergency room, so this instruction will help you remove the bulb from the mouth without damage.

Carefully read the paragraphs of this manual, which will help you figure out how to get the light bulb out of your mouth.

You will need a number of items that will help pull the light bulb out of your mouth:

  • shoelaces;
  • screwdriver;
  • handkerchief;
  • and ... a light bulb that is in your mouth.
  • Shawl need to roll the boat, and at its edges tightly tie the laces. You should have something like a little protective bandage over your face.
  • Next comes the main point: you need to push your handkerchief with the help of tied shoelaces so that the handkerchief clasps the light bulb.
  • After that, untie the laces and straighten the scarf in such a way as to cover them completely with your light bulb.
  • Very carefully further break the bulb with a screwdriver. If you have properly wrapped the bulb with a handkerchief, then you will not get hurt by its splinters.

If you succeed, then in the future we do not recommend doing this anymore.

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