How to get married if you have children

If you want to establish a personal life and get married, do not give up that prospect just because you have a child. For a real man who will love you and want to connect fate with you, having a son or daughter will not be a hindrance. Your baby will not blame mom either for linking her life with another young man. The main thing is to choose a standing life partner and correctly convey the situation to your child.
Explain to your child that since dad does not live with you, you may have a new friend. Your baby should understand that he is not trying to replace his father. If possible, this person will remain forever in his life. Say that no one will restrict his communication with the parent.
When choosing a potential groom, give preference to more mature men who are ready for marriage and having a child. Your chosen one should not be too young. Try to find a person with a serious attitude to the family, a stable job and a common worldview with you.
Do not hide that you have a child.As soon as you feel that a strong contact has been established between you and the handsome man, invite him to get to know your baby. Do not press on your partner if you see that he doubts. Give him time. However, for a very long time to delay with the meeting of your beloved man and your offspring is also not worth it.
After your man and child have met, give them the opportunity to get used to each other. Spend more time together, walk, play, get positive emotions. Pay attention to how your chosen one treats your child. If you see sincere sympathy and joy from communication, everything is in order.
When building relationships with your chosen one, it is important for you to pay attention to both the child and the beloved. However, if your baby does not accept your new acquaintance categorically and even after a certain time cannot find contact with him, this situation cannot be allowed to take its course. You can make your child unhappy if there is a person in your home that is unpleasant to him.
Remember that you have a double responsibility for what kind of person becomes your spouse.Well, if your man is good to your child. But if he considers it a hindrance - without hesitation, go in search of a new partner.
It's okay if your man already has his own children. If he brings them up alone, then you just need to introduce and make friends your kids. Perhaps in the future you will become one big, happy family.

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