How to get rid of the temperature of pregnant

You will need
  • - cranberry juice;
  • - tea with honey;
  • - raspberry jam;
  • - dogrose decoction;
  • - wet cloth;
  • - paracetamol.
The disadvantage of drug therapy during pregnancy is that all medications taken by a woman enter the fetal blood. Some of them do not pose a threat to him, others can lead to serious problems. That is why medication should be taken only as a last resort, and only after consulting a doctor and reading the instructions.
Try to reduce the temperature of non-drug means. This is especially important in the first and last trimester of pregnancy. Drink cranberry juice, tea with honey or raspberry jam, broth hips and other vitamin drinks. It is better to use them in the form of heat. After tea drinking, be sure to lie in bed and wrap yourself up properly. Increased sweating is a good sign.
Wipe off with cool water. Apply a damp cloth to your forehead. If there is no chill, try not to warm too much. Overheating at elevated temperatures will only worsen your condition.
Temperature in the range of 37.3 ° C, if it is not accompanied by a deterioration of health, is the norm during pregnancy. The reason lies in the hormonal alteration of the body and the active development of progesterone, necessary for carrying a fetus. This condition does not require treatment, but it is worth to be safe and report a fever to your doctor.

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