How to go to Spain

How to go to SpainUseful tips for tourists.How to go to Spain

From Russia you can fly to the airports of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Cordoba and many others. However, the simple purchase of a ticket is not enough, it is necessary to comply with all the conditions of the visa regime and formalities, without the fulfillment of which they will not be allowed into Spain.


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If you are traveling on your own, the first thing to do is buy a flight ticket. Select the airport that you need, and on the websites of air carriers, check whether there are flights to this point on the map of Spain. On the website, book a ticket and pay with a credit card or in another way that satisfies the airline, for example, through payment systems. An e-ticket or itinerary receipt will be sent to your mailbox confirming that the flight service will be provided.


Book a hotel for the period while you are in Spain. This can be done on specialized sites for booking places in hotels and hostels.Choose the city in which you intend to live, determine for yourself the star status of the hotel and boldly book. Payment is made using a bank card online. You will receive an email confirming that the hotel has been booked in your name.


Buy health insurance. This can be done at the office of the insurance company. The policy is called "insurance for traveling abroad." On average, the cost of such services for one day is 0.6-1 euro per day. It would seem that you can save money and not buy a policy, but at the border can check its availability, or refuse to issue a visa.


Now it's time to get a visa. This will require a valid passport for at least 3 months after the end of the trip, a questionnaire filled out in duplicate, 2 photographs of the established sample, copies of previous foreign passports and their originals, a copy of the internal passport. To this impressive package of documents attach a hotel confirmation, medical insurance and air ticket, as well as a certificate from the place of work or study and a bank statement for the last 6 months. The visa center will consider your application for a period of 2 days or more (urgent visa).With the received visa, confirmation of hotel reservation, air ticket and insurance you will be allowed into Spain.

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