How To Fake Not Being Sick?!

How to Hide Being Sick

Two Methods:

While most people look for advice on how to pretend they are sick in order to get out of things like school, sometimes you actually are sick and don't want anyone to know so you don't have to stay home or are not treated like you're weak. Here are some tips on how to keep your sickness a secret for as long as you need to.


At Home

  1. Take care of yourself, albeit secretly.Get as much rest as you can, drink a lot of fluids, and don't work too hard or eat something that would make you feel sick. Taking care of yourself is the best way to both get better fast and not appear as sick to other people, but make sure family members don't see you doing things you don't normally do in order to make yourself better.
    • When getting extra rest, don't make it obvious. Don't announce to everyone that you are going to bed early, and don't mention taking naps if you don't normally.
    • If eating makes you feel sick, don't eat much but don't specifically say you aren't hungry or anything about not eating. Instead of pre-making excuses, assume no one will notice or ask.
    • Don't force yourself to be more active than you should be in order to not raise suspicion. Make non-sickness-related excuses in order to get out of participating in family activities, going out with the family, etc. You may be tempted to fight through it, but this will make you sicker and will probably result in people discovering you're sick.
  2. Be very hygenic to avoid getting your family members sick.This is purely kindness; if your family members don't know you're sick, they are not going to take any extra precautions and as a result you need to. For example, just because a family member says they don't care about sharing a cup, don't let them drink off yours to avoid raising suspicion or because it doesn't really affect you. That is rude, and your family member will be upset if they get sick later and find out you were sick.
    • Wash your hands excessively. Before touching anything anyone else in the house might touch, wash your hands. Wash them before eating, etc. If you think your family will notice, wash them in a bathroom sink or somewhere they won't hear.
    • Don't do chores or work that may cause your family members to be exposed to your germs. If it's your responsibility to cook a meal or set the table, etc., find a non-sickness-related excuse in order to not do it. Your family may be annoyed, but know you're doing it for them. If you truly can't get out of something, wash your hands excessively and if you are blamed for making other people sick later, remind them you tried not to.
  3. Avoid people as much as possible.This does sound sad, but the truth is that the more time you spend with people or in the open areas of your house, the more time others will have to notice you are ill. Until you're feeling better, it's usually a good idea to spend all the time you can in your room alone. This is also good for your health, as hours of quiet reading are more restful than playing games in a hectic living room.
    • If your family notices you're not spending much time with them, the best option is to deny it or say you weren't aware. If this doesn't work, come up with a non-sickness-related excuse. This isn't too difficult, as something as simple as a lot of homework explains alone time easily.
  4. Avoid coughing, sneezing, or sniffling in front of family members.These are usually the most obvious signs of being sick, so avoid doing them in front of people. This may seem impossible, but there are some tricks that may help you:
    • If you need to sniffle in order to avoid awkward incidents with running noses, space it out as far as you can. When you don't wait anymore, a great trick is to say you are thirsty, go into the kitchen, turn on the faucet, sniffle, and then turn off the faucet. The sound of the faucet hides the sound of you sniffling and you can easily explain using the faucet, even frequently–just say it's one of those days where you're really thirsty.
    • Suppress sneezes as much as you can. This is not too hard, although you may make a funny face while doing it. Just look away from people when you're about to sneeze and fight it. If you don't want to or can't suppress it, just sneeze. Perfectly healthy people sneeze, the key to hiding sneezes is to hide at least some so people don't think you are sneezing more than makes sense.
    • While hiding coughing is the hardest, it can be done. Suppress your cough if it's possible, provided it is and is not extremely uncomfortable. If you have a bad cough, it is definitely a good idea to hide from people as much as you can, because this is the hardest symptom to hide. One trick to concealing a cough that isn't too bad is to keep water or another beverage near you (though this doesn't work well with the anti-sniffling technique) and take a sip whenever you feel the urge to cough. This will help you suppress your cough, and if you cough anyway, you can say you choked on the beverage.
  5. Avoid touching people, or rather letting them touch you if you have a fever.Don't be over-the-top about this; most people will not feel the temperature of your skin from a quick high-five or hug but will notice you jumping away from them. However, avoid letting people touch your direct skin, particularly that of your face. Even someone holding your hand could notice a higher body temperature.
    • Regulate your resistance to touch as compared to your fever. If it's only a degree or two high, people are not going to feel the difference very well. However, if you have a temperature of 103 °F (39 °C), you will feel very hot and shouldn't let people touch or even almost touch your skin (you should also see a doctor if the temperature is over about 103 °F (39 °C)).
    • Be aware of chills/hot flashes. As fevers can cause you to have chills or hot flashes, you might want to wear something your family will find odd, like a coat when it's hot outside. Be aware of this and try to fight your chills/hot flashes so you can make your fever less obvious; you may not think so, but family members do notice extra coats and parents will regularly associate them immediately with illness. Obviously, wear what you want to when you're alone.
  6. Don't talk very much and take efforts to save your voice.For example, in the case of Laryngitis, Laryngitis is something you can't really hide, but it is something you can prevent. When you realize you're sick, stop talking as much, especially if you have a cough. You may not think you'll get laryngitis, but it's always a good idea to be safe. If you get laryngitis anyway, here are some tricks to make it less obvious:
    • Temporarily cure laryngitis by eating soup. Chicken soup works best, but if you're a vegetarian, other kinds of soup will work. While eating a lot of soup may look weird, it can be a good idea to regularly eat it while you have laryngitis in order to keep your voice working.
    • Take note of how coughing relates to your laryngitis. Sometimes coughing once will take your voice away, but coughing again will bring it back sounding normal. You often will just know if your voice is going to work or not depending on how your throat feels, so try clearing your throat or coughing if you don't think it's going to work. Don't speak if you just coughed and think your voice is going to sound odd.
    • Don't voluntarily start conversations, and especially do not start fights. Your voice may be working in the short term, but if you've had problems with it, it may start glitching as you talk more. Yelling is a quick way to absolutely kill it, so don't talk about anything that might anger someone and warrant an argument. You will hate losing and thus might strain your voice trying to make yourself understood or heard.
  7. Be cautious when you should be, depending on your symptoms.For example, if you think you might throw up, be ready to go to the bathroom or have a bowl with you (secretly). Doing something like vomiting on the floor will instantly give you away and be awkward.
    • If you are a girl, you can makeup to hide the "sick look" you may have, like extra pale skin or dark circles. Family members, particularly parents, will notice and comment on this. If they do, explain it away with tiredness and pretend you are annoyed or offended they commented on your appearance.

At School or Work

  1. Keep to yourself as much as you can.This step works a lot like at home, except it is not as firm. Don't make yourself sit alone or ignore your friends, just don't go out of your way to initiate conversations, like with new people. If you can choose to work alone or in a group, choose to be alone when you can. This seems more depressing in writing; when you're feeling tired and lousy in a busy place, you will want to minimize the amount of times you have to communicate and pay attention to conversations.
  2. Minimize/hide your symptoms.You can utilize some of the home techniques for hiding your symptoms, and/or use other techniques. Using over-the-counter medications for relief is often a good idea when you're trying to be out functioning in the world while sick.
    • Specifically minimize or hide the symptoms that will be obvious. Friends and strangers are not family members, and are not living with you. You will usually be okay being less active or wearing something too warm/cool, etc. However, you will want to hide symptoms like coughing, sniffling, and laryngitis. These are easily noticeable and can be annoying.
    • If it's impossible to hide a symptom–like a cough–in your work or school environment, focus on making it less bothersome or obvious. Generally, doing your best to hide the symptom will make it less of a problem, even if you can't completely hide it. As long as you make it visible to the people around you that you are working hard to control the symptom(s), they probably won't be bothered too much. Just don't assume that because you can't hide a symptom, there's no reason to make it somewhat better.
  3. Be realistic about who you don't want to know you're sick.It's probably more important to you that family member and friends are in the dark, because they are the ones that will tell you to take it easy or treat you differently. Strangers or people you barely know will not care very much about your sickness, so you don't really need to exhaust yourself hiding it from them; let them know you're sick if it's obvious anyway, and then just take care of yourself and make your symptoms less unbearable to everyone.
    • Even friends wll not treat you the same way that family members will when they find out you're sick. You may want to hide it from them, or you may not care if anyone at work/school knows about your sickness and only maintain that family members don't.
    • Sickness is not as easy to hide out in the world as it is at home, so sometimes everyone knows you're not well anyway. Pretending you are well will not change that and will just seem silly. Keep this in mind when deciding who to hide your sickness from.
  4. Be realistic about attending work/school.This tip may seem counter-intuitive if you are reading this article to find out how to hide your sickness so that you can still go to work or school, but it is necessary. People stay home when they're sick for a reason; you may be able to brave the world when sick, but you also may not. If you are hiding your sickness for other reasons, decide if your reasons are worth being miserable all day while out of the house. Some key indicators that you probably should stay home are:
    • Fever, particularly over 103 °F (39 °C).
    • Throwing up, particularly within the last 24 hours.
    • A terrible and frequent cough that would disrupt everyone and would prevent you from doing what you do normally.
    • Having a job that requires physical labor, or having PE at school that involves heavier exercise.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How do I hide a stuffy nose and watering eyes?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Reduce your stuffy nose with smelling sticks, hot steamy showers and by applying ice cubes. Looking up and blinking helps with watery eyes as well as washing them out with water. If that does not work, then say your symptoms are caused by something less serious such as hay fever or an allergy to cat hair.
  • Question
    How do I hide a headache?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    A headache is actually fairly easy to hide since nothing about it is visible. Try to avoid letting your facial reactions reveal your pain to others though.
  • Question
    How do I hide needing to throw up?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    If you are in the middle of something important in which you cannot miss any part of it, the best thing to do is to come clean. But if you can go to the bathroom, jump at the chance. Throw up in the toilet and freshen your breath by brushing, or with a mint.
  • Question
    How do I hide my sick voice?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Try clearing your throat, but make it seem normal.
  • Question
    I haven't thrown up for four years now. How can I tell if it is truly coming?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    You will feel nauseous/sick to your stomach, and your mouth will start to water for no reason. This is how your body protects your mouth from rising stomach acid.
Unanswered Questions
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  • I have a low-grade fever, and have been sneezing and coughing up mucus. What do you think I have?
  • What can I do to prevent other people from recognizing my weaknesses?
  • What if you're a kid that goes to the nurse everyday and you don't want them to know you're sick?
  • I am in a theater performance. How can I make my voice sound normal?
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  • Only try to hide being sick if you both really need to and think it's possible. If you're very sick or don't explicitly need to not be sick, just tell your parents (if you're a child) and/or stay home. If your reasons don't involve needing to do something, think hard about them, because having people know you're sick is not always as bad as you expect it will be
  • If you do want to make your sickness a secret, be careful about who finds out. Even if you don't mind that your siblings know, for example, they may tell your parents. Friends may tell their parents, who will tell yours. Your kids may tell your spouse, coworkers may tell your boss, etc. It's usually a good idea to start out with not telling anyone and then decide who you should actually lie to if you're questioned.


  • If you experience more intense symptoms, you could be very sick. If this is the case, tell a parent (if you are a child) or call your doctor, even if it means telling people you're sick.

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