How to install a gas water heater

How to install a gas water heaterGas water heater is quite convenient and economical option. All devices are equipped with switches that make it possible to regulate the temperature of the water, regardless of its flow.


Choose the most convenient water heater for your home. The equipment can be wall or floor. The most compact wall version, but these devices have less power. Outdoor water heaters are designed for simultaneous water intake from several points. Useful tips to help you.


Gas water heater installation



Purchase the necessary materials for installation: pipes and fittings for them, stop valves. Under hot water, choose only plastic and metal pipes. The diameter of the pipes must coincide with the diameter of the inlet and outlet openings of the water heater, since its operation directly depends on the location of the heating element.


Determine the installation location of the equipment. Wall-mounted water heaters will look perfect over the sink, but the floor can be placed under the sink.Carefully study the equipment passport, as it should be installed as indicated in the passport.


If you chose a wall-mounted water heater, then install a mount on the wall, on which the unit will be hung. Included with the equipment is the layout of all the holes that need to be drilled. Since the size of the equipment is not larger than the box from under the boots, and there is almost no water in them during use, the weight of such a water heater is small. When mounting large wall models, you may need special brackets. Therefore, do not exclude the option of inviting professionals.


Installation of water supply depends on the type of equipment. If your option is very simple, then simply put on the flexible hose that comes with the water heater on the cold water faucet. If there is a more complex model, it will be necessary to “crash” into the plumbing system. Despite its complexity this option is the most reliable.

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