How to insure yourself from cheating bankers?

You will insure vigilance

Most often, customers in banks are not found with an open deception, when they are informed by false information or they turn around some kind of scam, but with pitfalls. The banker, wanting to conclude a successful transaction, thinks first of all about his own benefit. He is simply silent about the facts that you may not like or alert. So do not hesitate to ask questions, ask about all the details.
A bank employee is required to provide you with real information. And if suddenly he starts to ruffle, try to smoothly transfer the conversation to the advantages of the offer, then it should be clear that the banker is holding back on something, and this is clearly not in your favor. Do not be afraid to appear in his eyes as a narrow-minded person, you have the right not to understand banking matters. And it is better to ask the same question twice, but at different moments of the conversation and in different formulations. Then you can match the answers and see if they are not hiding anything from you.This also applies to the contract that you conclude with the bank. Do not hesitate to spend time specialist and re-read the entire contract. It is his job to serve the client, including familiarizing the client with the contract. And in any case, do not put your signature under the contract, if at least the slightest detail confuses you, no matter what the bank employee tells you. It is better to come to the bank later, after consulting with a lawyer.Immediately check with the cashier whether money is transferred to your account. A bank employee can transfer them to someone else’s account. After a while, you will not be able to prove that you wanted to repay your loan, and not a stranger.

Life lessons

Unfortunately, there are cases of open deception by bankers. In this case, you are faced with this crime, which must be immediately reported to law enforcement agencies. However, in this case, criminals can no longer be found. In order not to be deceived, try not to leave photocopies of your passport data in doubtful places. And even more so do not give anyone the documents for a long time, do not let them out of sight.
So, one man, passing the interview in the company, left a photocopy of the passport there. And after some time they began to demand payment of the loan.It turned out that a company employee and a bank specialist together illegally issued a loan for this person, and took the money for themselves. And this scheme has been working for a long time already, because everyone in the company left their data. And if your passport was stolen from you or you lost it, immediately report it to the police. Cunning scammers can easily get a loan from a bank on someone else's passport. You will learn about it only when they start calling you with requests to pay the loan and the interest earned.Do not withdraw more money from your salary card than it has on it. In this case, an overdraft contract is opened. And without signing any documents. You can find out about the loan that appeared very soon.
You can get into an unpleasant situation, and doing nothing for it at all. For example, emerging firms that give out micro-loans to the population without guarantors sometimes ask the phone numbers of acquaintances who can vouch for the debtor. It is illegal. And, if the person who has taken such a loan does not give it back, but they start calling you, then this is also a reason for going to the police. If you have not signed any documents as a guarantor, then you are not entitled to demand money from you.

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