How to interest a guy at school, on a date, a conversation? What a girl can interest a guy?

How to interest a guy at school, on a date, a conversation? What girl can be interested in a guy?

How to interest a guy at school, on a date, a conversation? What girl can be interested in a guy?

Almost every girl sooner or later begins to wonder how to interest a guy with whom she is studying in the same school or in high school. Some immediately go ahead and try to use in this case the entire arsenal of things available to them, which consist mainly in demonstrating their charms, for example, by arranging a streptiz guy. More desperate people can demonstrate a few tricks or treat him with beer.


But such techniques are unlikely to have any long-term effect. Therefore, if you want to get the guy's attention, you need to think about how to start dating and how to achieve success in this.And yet, how to interest the guy you like?


What can interest the guy you like?



With what to begin? And start with the fact that you need to start communicating with the object of your attention. If it so happens that you still do not know him, then you need to take a step towards your rapprochement. The main thing to remember is that this should be done gradually, as if from afar, delicately, carefully and unobtrusively.


What can interest the guy you like

What can interest the guy you like?

How to do it right? Such a question may be in front of you if you have never communicated with each other, and at best only greeted them. If you have not started to say hello, then you need to start with this step. Just start to greet him at every meeting. You can also read how to meet a guy.


If you have long greeted him, then it's time to start other actions. Contact him with a trifling request for help, ask for a company for you at some event and the like. Just be absolutely sure that it will not be difficult for him to fulfill your request. It is necessary that the request be so trivial that it does not require any special effort. Remember, it is necessary to formulate a request precisely, for men this is especially important.For this you need to find the right moment. Remember, no references, type, honey, dear, dear, refer to it only by name. When he turns his attention to you and looks in your direction, then you can turn to him with a request.


For example:

  • Gosh, please give me a red pen for a couple of minutes.
  • Gosh, please give me a copy of this song.


Do not use the particle “not” in your requests, for example, “could you”. Formulate questions and requests in such a way that he could not answer them negatively.


After some time, he will treat you more friendly or friendly and it will be noticeable. Learn to wait, it is proved that the men in this issue are big brakes. There is no need to rush things, everything should be gradual. It is impossible that he noticed and thought that you decided to take the initiative on acquaintance and further rapprochement in your hands. Take into account, the more modest and shy the guy, the more patience and time will be needed, so that he begins to treat you confidentially and without constraint.


What can interest the guy you like



When you began to communicate well, and he began to fulfill your small requests without any excuses, you can gradually transfer conversations to other topics, only gradually, you do not need to take him into circulation.Show, above all, interest in his hobbies, interests, attitudes and hobbies. Each person will appreciate that special interest is shown to his precious person. Find something in common between you. The subject of discussion may be any topic:

  • fiction;
  • contemporary music;
  • new films;
  • pets such as cats, dogs, parrots, fish;
  • computers;
  • collecting stamps or badges;
  • favorite sports are hockey, soccer, tennis, karate, cycling or rollerblading.


Perhaps it will be his passion for drawing, photography, cars, ships, airplanes, weapons, tourism, fishing, swimming in the ice-hole, cross-stitching. Most likely, and you in childhood was fond of something. For more thorough and deep communication, you can recall the stories and experiences of their parents. In general, the more he tells about his hobbies, the easier it will be for you to find what you have in common. If he is interested in something special, you can, for a start, read a little on this topic, then ask him to enlighten you more in this topic. You can tell him a little about your interests, and then he will be able to find something in common between you.


How to get the guy interested in talking?



And finally, we turn to how to avoid failure when dealing with a guy. Learning how to interest a guy is much easier than keeping his attention. You need to have a healthy sense of humor or cultivate it in yourself, just avoid stupid jokes, especially if they are addressed to him. The guy needs to see in you a normal girl, and not an arrogant or vulgar person, it is necessary that your behavior was as restrained as possible. Whatever the boys say, they do not really like girls who smoke, so it's better to forget about cigarettes, unless, of course, you are not interested in a novel for one night.


How to interest a guy to talk

How to get the guy interested in talking?


In the future, it is better to keep the conversation in your hands. Just do not need to turn your dialogue into your monologue. We need to talk about hobbies and achievements, and in no case about problems. The story about yourself should consist of its life goals, which you strive to achieve, and who speak of you as a purposeful person. It can be a desire to enter and finish a prestigious university, get a good job, earn enough money for a spacious apartment and a good car, travel the world, meet a worthy man and create a solid family with him, give him a bunch of kids, etc.


The main rule for girls is to learn to listen, do not have to say much, without giving him the opportunity to even insert a word and pay attention to himself. Let him understand, feel and see that he is really interesting to you. Ask him questions, be interested in his hobbies and hobbies. If you really want to know how to interest the guy, then never ask him about the financial situation, men do not like questions on such topics. So you risk only pushing him away from yourself and not meeting him again.

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