How to iron your trousers correctly?

Pants are an integral element of both men's and women's business fashion, they simply cannot do without them. Particularly stylish and formal look models of pants with arrows - they visually lengthen the length of the leg, and are also an excellent representative of the classic fashion. Everything would be fine, but to iron such pants is not easy, they always cause a lot of problems, especially among young housewives.

The arrows “crawl away”, lose their symmetry, and shiny lashes appear on the trousers, which greatly spoil the appearance of even the most expensive and beautiful trousers. But do not panic in advance! We will acquaint you with the basic subtleties and secrets that will allow you to easily cope with this task.

So, how to iron trousers correctly with arrows? First you need to arm yourself with an iron and ironing board, if the latter is not available, then any horizontal surface will do - a table or a sofa covered with a sheet or a towel. If the iron is modern and with a steam generator, then there will be no problems at all, if not - it does not matter either, the main thing here is the process itself.

Next you need to deal with the material from which the pants are sewn, as the simplicity of ironing will depend on the correct mode. Too hot an iron can spoil the fabric, and barely warm - just do not iron the arrows.

Read the tag on the pants themselves - everything should be indicated there, but if not, you can follow the approximate scheme: for cotton - 150 ° -170 °, if there are polyester additives, then the temperature is set to no more than 110 °. Linen fabric is ironed at a temperature of 200 °, and cotton with the addition of wool - 120 ° -150 °.

How to iron pants?

In addition to the iron and ironing board, you will need a special piece of fabric - it can be thin gauze or batiste. It is important that it is white, so as not to color the fabric of trousers. You will have to iron through it in order not to leave traces on the fabric of the trousers, which often appear as a result of ironing on dark fabrics with a large number of grooves. So, now the process itself:

  • To well iron the pants, they need to spread out on the board, straightening his hands. We start from the top of the thing - it is the most difficult area due to the large number of seams and decorative details. If you just start ironing from the top, the product will quickly "show" all the internal seams in the form of shiny stripes on other parts of the fabric, which will make the look of pants unaesthetic.In order to prevent such a result, we insert a pad into the inner part of the pants, and cover with the cloth on top, which we pre-moisten in water and wring out as much as possible. We smooth the upper part gently, trying not to pinch the various protruding parts excessively, for example, belt loops.
  • Now go to the pant leg, spread it out so that both seams are at the edges, as when worn, and carefully iron. It is better to do it for the first time from the wrong side.
  • Now, as for the arrows: they need to be ironed necessarily from the front. In order to do it correctly, you need to find the recesses on the trousers: the front and back. These darts will be the beginning of your shooters, so push them off. The leg should be folded so that the two inner side seams completely coincide and overlap each other. Make sure that they remain until the end of ironing, otherwise the arrows risk "disperse."
  • Now we place the necessary ironing places with wet gauze and begin to draw arrows. To get them as crisp and strong as possible, there is a trick: soak the cloth in the right places with vinegar solution (a tablespoon of vinegar per glass of water).To fix the result, from the inside, the arrows can be rubbed with a piece of soap, and then ironed again.
  • At the end of the ironing, let the pants sit on the ironing board for a while, let them cool down and fix the desired shape. After cooling, it will remain to hang up the pants on a special hanger.
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