How to kill a ghost?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
March 14, 2013
How to kill a ghost?

Modern science in every way denies the existence of ghosts, as well as any materialization of the soul, and para-science, on the contrary, constantly collect evidence of their "influence" on living people. People who have encountered ghosts and are not very good at what is going on are asked how to kill the ghost. There are several options for detecting such a “guest”.

What is a ghost

The ghost is nothing but the spirit of a man who has already died. He has a body, therefore it is impossible to kill him. A ghost is a restless soul that has not gone into another world. And the soul can just help to go where it needs to be.

How to send a soul

Make it yourself is impossible. You can ask a knowledgeable person (mage, priest) to help open the portal for the soul, so that it will leave on him. The main thing is that the soul itself wants to go to the place of its permanent residence. Therefore, in some nations they perfumed spirits with delicious food, in others they fumigate the place where the soul is staying with herbs. But it is best to understand what keeps in this world of spirit? If this is possible, then we must try to correct the situation that does not allow the spirit to leave. Orthodox have many prayers to help the spirit go to its own world. But if the spirit is not ready to go, it will resist. This is expressed in a bad dream of people, in visions, hallucinations and unusual actions. They ghosts kill people, cripple them, make them harm their own and others' health.

Ways to fight ghosts

To understand how to kill an ancient ghost, or at least neutralize it for a while, you need to know what they are afraid of. This is salt, it must be scattered on the way of the ghost and he will not be able to cross it. Iron works the same way on them. If you find in the cemetery the grave of a person whose ghost is bothering you and burn his bones, after having sprinkled them with salt, he will disappear forever.

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