How to learn to do a classic massage

With the help of classical massage, you can cure swelling, headaches, neuralgia, arthritis and arthrosis, eliminate fatigue of the ligaments and muscles, eliminate adhesions. Of course, this is not a complete list of those diseases that can be eliminated with a massage. One course of classic massage ranges from 12 to 15 treatments every day. Use moisturizers where necessary. However, it is not recommended to apply the cream when massaging the face and neck, as this contributes to the formation of wrinkles.
Massage techniques have varying degrees of difficulty. They are also classified by intensity of impact on the mid-deep, deep and shock. Rubbing, stroking and squeezing refers to the first group of exposure, kneading - to the second. Vibration is a shock technique in a classic massage.
Start the classic massage with stroking.Move the arm to the sides of the large lymph nodes. Palm pressure should not be strong. Stroking warms the skin and subcutaneous tissue and prepares them for more intense exposure. Stroking time: 5 minutes or more. So, the hands should move from the bottom up along the spine, and on the sides - in the direction of the armpits. Knead your legs, moving from the feet to the hips and above.
Following stroking proceed to rubbing. It is also performed by the palm. Also use your knuckles, thumbs, and edge of the palm. Grind as much as the person being massaged can tolerate. Your goal is to have an effect on the deeper layers of the skin, so you should not save power. You can even press on the skin with two hands. However, remember that too rough and hasty pressure will not give the desired result. Do not allow overexcitement of the nervous system, pain, cramps: such symptoms can lead to poor health. During grinding, try to maintain the same intensity of exposure. You can affect the skin with your fingertips, as well as perform circular movements. With one hand on top, press on the other. So, you increase the pressure.
After grinding, proceed to kneading: this effect is the most intense. Grab and stretch your hands deep layers of fabric. As a result, muscle mobility increases, venous blood flow and lymphatic drainage improve. The movements of your hands should have a pulling, squeezing and twisting character. During rubbing, pay special attention to the back, neck area, limbs. This stage is the most important in the mass: the curative effect depends on it. If you do not have enough experience, first check the degree of exposure for yourself, and then proceed to massage the patient.
Complete the massage with a technique such as vibration. Use your hands to shake your skin, pock it and pat it. Thus, the neuromuscular apparatus is stimulated and the blood supply to the tissues is enhanced. Vibrational movements can be both continuous and intermittent.

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