How to learn to draw anime Naruto with a pencil

How to learn to draw an anime Naruto pencil

How to learn to draw an anime Naruto pencil

If you like watching anime, and you have at least a little propensity for drawing, then after a while you will want to figure out how to draw Naruto.


Naruto is one of the most famous, long-lived and successful characters in anime cartoons. He not only looks great in Japanese animation, but also will look great on paper. The bright and catchy-looking boy ninja likes everyone, and many boys and young men tend to be like him.


How to Draw Anime Naruto



As soon as you read this article, you will be able, drawing on your memory or with the help of small hints, to draw a naruto head along with the collar of his clothes. We will sort out what needs to be done so that the anime character comes out believable and show the video how to draw Naruto in order to fully understand how to learn how to draw anime naruto.


Next, we offer to view the video posted. After viewing it, we recommend reading the step-by-step guide carefully, and then returning to the video again, picking up a pencil, and repeating what you see on a clean sheet of paper.



Learning to draw Naruto



Learning to draw Naruto

  1. If you want to know how to learn how to draw naruto, then start with an oval face. The face of the naruto has a large round shape with a chin as sharp as that of a young man. Therefore, the oval of the face should be drawn: a circle that has a small, gentle cone at the bottom. To better understand the proportions, you can read the article on how to draw a child's figure.
  2. We will not consider how to draw naruto heroes, but concentrate all our attention on Naruto himself. Further we will pass to the following step and we will draw additional lines. The first of them crosses the oval of the face vertically, dividing it in half, the second line should be held at eye level. Unnecessary lines we erase with the eraser in the final stages of creating a picture.
  3. Mark horizontally the lines where the big eyes will be, at the same distance from the central vertical line.Draw auxiliary circles in the shape of the eyeballs, because in almost all anime and manga the heroes' eyes are large, and in order to know how to draw anime with a pencil, you need to learn how to draw large eyes in anime style.
  4. Now draw the eyes along the auxiliary lines. In shape, they look like a cat, have the same incision and large pupils. In Naruto, the pupils are light, so in the center we draw a small dark dot of the iris, and from it small strokes in a circle. The remaining surface of the pupil should be shaded not very bold. You can leave at the top of the place for flare.
  5. We continue to learn how to draw Naruto, and draw his headband, sketch its central part and shape, then draw in bold contours and the sign of Konoha. But for the time being, this is not necessary, because the strands of Naruto's hair will overlap some of the bandana lines.
  6. Now we draw a nose. It looks like two short lines of nostrils that do not recede strongly from the auxiliary line in the center.
  7. Just below immediately draw a mouth. He should not bare his teeth and should grin a little. Therefore, it will be enough to draw only two lines.The first line, broad, will mark the lower edge of the upper lip and is depicted with the tips curled upwards. The second line will be the edge of the lower lip, it is drawn almost straight and short, slightly below the first line. When you look at the view again, it will become a little clearer.
  8. While you have not yet taken up a pencil and a sheet of paper, we will continue reading, and we will learn how to draw Naruto's characters further. Let's get down to the outline of the eyebrows. We make them a little obliquely, with the inner edge inclined downwards. We should not forget about three recognizable stripes on each side on the cheeks of Naruto. Once all the little things have been done, you can go to the most voluminous in drawing Naruto - hair.
  9. In Naruto, the hairstyle has the appearance of arbitrarily protruding triangles, the meaning of which is to make them as much as possible like disobedient strands. Start first with two strands on both sides of the eyes, then between the weighty and the eye. Then at the top draw a whisk that looks like a flower. You can read how to draw a flower to better understand this. Everything should turn out spontaneously, but at the same time beautiful. It is necessary to draw five or six strands of hair on Naruto's head, so that they cover his bandage, as if from above. After that draw not big ears.
  10. After we figured out how to draw naruto characters, things are going to be easy, you need to draw a collar of a naruto blouse, and then put shadows in several places. Because of the collar, the neck peeps out a little, for which you need to draw two short lines that will mark the neck. After that, retreat somewhere to the width of the face and begin to draw a collar. The video shows how to draw a characteristic folding, which is fastened with a lock in the middle. It is also necessary not to forget to draw small strands of hair near the neck, which look out from behind and the bands of the headband.
  11. With the help of a pencil, let's give the picture a gloss and completeness, you need to wipe the auxiliary lines, draw lines along the thicker, where necessary, and work out the details and missing details on the previous stages. Put shadows on the bandages, the area under the hair, a little under the eyebrows and under the nose, so you give the pattern a bulge and depth. Draw a rather oily shadow on the neck and under the lower jaw.


Now our drawing is almost ready to master a slightly different technique, watch the video how to draw Naruto:



After such a detailed lesson, we hope you understand how to draw a naruto anime and you can do everything easily. Naturally, it is considered that drawing cartoon characters is easier if you have a printed drawing with his image in front of your eyes, but by repeating all the steps a few times, you can draw a drawing from memory. All that is needed for this is to constantly train. Do not be lazy and create.

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