How to learn to fight?

Anyway, almost every guy wants to learn how to learn to fight. Why are there guys, even girls don't mind learning a couple of tricks and are willing to sign up to all kinds of sports clubs or self-defense circles. The ability to take revenge on their offenders is no less noble than the skill of protecting their second half. And it is difficult to dispute the fact that the guys confidently, and not unfoundedly able to defend their honor, command respect among their friends and are the object of increased attention from the fair sex. Plus - the mass, minuses - no. That is why today we will talk about how to learn to fight well.

Sport section

Want to learn how to fight? The sports section will help you. Looks pretty absurd, doesn't it? We are reading an article that teaches you to go to the section? No no and one more time no! This section of the text is devoted to the correctness of the choice of a sports section or a circle of martial arts in order to understand how to learn to fight on the street.

Of course, for those who want to learn how to fight well on the street and not be caught unawares by hooligans, boxing or kickboxing is perfect. Of course, this is the best choice for the future street fighter.In the boxing section, you will immaculately perfect the main skill - they will deliver a blow with both hands and teach you to avoid enemy strikes. Of course, a nice bonus from practicing in the boxing section will be increased endurance and relief muscles. True, if you want not only to learn how to fight well, but also to take a punch and gain the necessary mass, you will have to forget about such a "joy of life" as smoking. Agree, this is a small fee for how to quickly learn to fight!

Argued that fighters can fight well on the street. But I highly recommend not making high stakes on visiting wrestling sections. Yes, you will be perfectly ready to receive blows, you will be wonderful to turn out of the grips. But the flip side of the coin is the inability to strike back at the enemy. Besides, hooligans rarely attack one by one, and what can a fighter do against three hostile people? Unless to recall the film "Forrest Gump" with his most epic phrase ... Run, wrestler, run!

Well, those who are impressed with all sorts of martial arts, it remains to wish good luck and more good films. For the most part, all sections on karate, wushu or kendo really develop a high level of technology, but if you dig a little deeper ...Nobody teaches deadly blows - dismiss! All classes are reduced to “poking”, maximum - throws (specific techniques) and played back blows. On the street, your speed and clarity of movement will not help you. Need strength, weight, improvisation and a minimum of incoming damage.

The only martial art that, according to most experts, can somehow help you to fight well on the street is taekwondo. It is regrettable, but a fact - they do not really want to teach him.

So, we can draw some conclusions. To learn how to fight on the street, you need to sign up for a section of boxing. This is the best option, because the technique of fighting with hands together with excellent avoidance of strikes and a firm stand will give you the opportunity not only to defend themselves, but also to counterattack up to 5 opponents at a time.

Learn to fight at home

Much more difficult is the case with how to learn to fight at home. Many are interested in the possibility of learning how to conduct combat at home, because it is absolutely free and more / less competent. After all, exercising at home, you are absolutely not limited in time of classes and in their level of complexity. True, some problems arise from this: if you misunderstand this or that technique / exercise, you risk fixing it “as is”.What is not good, of course.

In the event that you are confident in your desire to learn how to fight at home, do not rush immediately to run to the sports shop for boxing equipment. In any case, you need a sequence of actions: start by preparing your body. Train your stamina: jump rope, run, go swimming.

Directly about how to learn to fight at home. Of course, the entire burden of responsibility for their training is now on you. I advise you to ask for help from the books - there is a huge amount of them on this subject. Also a good way to learn how to fight well is to watch a video. The Internet is saturated with similar materials, so we have selected the most appropriate and relevant material for you. Video, how to learn to fight, also useful to you. Then you will immediately have many questions about how to learn to fight well.

I hope our material today will help you learn how to fight.

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