How to learn to perform the bridge?

If you want to acquire flexibility and learn how to make a bridge, then do not try to stand on it the first time, this is definitely not going to work for you. Proceed gradually and follow the tips given below, and you will learn how to perform this feminine exercise.

Body preparation: proper exercise

Before embarking on the bridge, you should prepare your body for its implementation so that it becomes more flexible. At home, the following exercises can be done for preparation:

  1. Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the trunk, and bend your knees. Now, resting your feet on the floor, raise the pelvis as much as possible, rounding your back as much as possible. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, then return to the starting position. Perform at least 10-15 repetitions. Over time, you can increase the position delay time.
  2. You need to lie on your stomach and stretch your arms up. Now take your hands off the floor with your shoulders and upper torso, as well as your legs. Try to raise them as high as possible so that the support zone has a minimum area. In this position, linger for 20-30 seconds, then return to the original position.Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.
  3. Lie on your stomach, then bend back, bend your knees and grasp them with your hands. Pull up the chest, head and legs, while maximally bending the body. In this position, you need to stay a maximum amount of time. Then you can return to the original position.
  4. You need to kneel so that your legs are bent at right angles. Now tilt the body back, bending the back while trying to maintain the position of the legs. Get your hands to stop and try to stay in this position for a while.
  5. First lie on your stomach, and then lift your upper body and lean on the floor in your hips with your hands. Next, bend your legs at the knees and bend your back, at the same time keeping your head back until your feet touch the top of your head.

Some exercises may not work out right away, but you must do them all correctly and easily, so you have to try and be patient.

We act gradually

How can you learn to perform the bridge? When you can easily do all the exercises listed and described above, move on to further actions. We describe them in detail.

On fitbole

In performing such an exercise as a bridge, a fitball can help, because it just repeats the position in which your back should be. Lie back on the fitball, stretch your arms behind it and fix it on the floor. Now begin to gradually straighten your arms and simultaneously bend your back. If you managed to break away from the fitball, then fix the position and stay in it for the maximum amount of time.

From the position of lying down

When you learn how to get up to the bridge from a fitball, proceed to the exercise from the lying position.

Main stages:

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees and fix the feet on the floor. Hand your hands back and place your hands on your shoulders, resting them on the floor.
  2. Now move your feet and palms toward each other and simultaneously begin to bend your back.
  3. With effort, try to straighten your arms and legs. The back will then bend even more.

On the wall

When you learn to quickly and easily get up on the bridge from a prone position, start doing it against the wall. Stand with your back to it and move about 80-90 centimeters. Feet apart shoulder-width apart, arms raised up. Pull your hands until you touch the walls with your hands.Now, as if walking on it with your hands, until you reach the floor. Rest your hands on it, bend your back and fix the pose.


You will need an assistant. Stand facing him and spread his legs shoulder-width apart. Now raise your hands up and start bending your back. Bend back and stay in this position for a second. Now, at the same time, bend your back as much as possible and fall back, keeping your arms straight and straining them (they will be your support). The assistant must support you at this moment so that you can hold out.

An assistant should help you until you realize that you can do without insurance and are not confident in your abilities.


Useful tips that will help you learn how to become on the bridge safely and correctly:

  1. You should not strive to learn how to perform such an exercise quickly. It still will not work, and if you rush things, you may get injured, and very serious. First, master all the preparatory exercises. It may take several weeks. Then master each main stage (positions with a fitball, lying down, against a wall and standing), giving it at least a week.You must be confident and feel good about your body.
  2. During the training, someone should insure you, so find an assistant in advance. Without it, you can fall and hurt yourself.
  3. It is extremely important to monitor the correct position of the body. The maximum should be bent back. The arms should be on the same line with the shoulders and slightly rounded in the elbows, but only slightly.
  4. When you learn to fully and correctly stand on the bridge, you can try to get up from it, that is, to return to its original position (standing).

Now you can definitely stand on the bridge, if, of course, you follow the above recommendations.

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