How to learn to play chess well

How to learn to play chess

How to learn to play chess

How to learn to play chess



Chess is a great game that develops thinking, logic and tactics. It can become both an excellent hobby, and a professional hobby and even a tradition, as, for example, in Venice, where every year they play chess with live players. Despite the fact that it is not easy to learn to play chess well, yet the desire to achieve this is quite an interesting activity and an excellent test of its capabilities, as it will not be so easy to achieve this. Chess is an equally useful game, both for children and adults, to enhance their overall development.

In order to learn how to play chess you need to:


  • Have or develop qualities such as patience, perseverance and perseverance.
  • Learn well the rules of the game. It is necessary to remember well the names of the figures, their correct arrangement and possible their moves, since each figure has its own possibilities.
  • Study books with a description of tactics, in case you want to learn how to play chess well.
  • Find yourself a more experienced partner and perform regular training games, so that, in case of mistakes, he could correct you, and also that the game is not too easy and not interesting, as it can be with a weaker player.

In addition, in order to better understand how to learn how to play chess, you can watch various videos, with training records and various tournaments, or start going to special chess clubs.


How to learn to play chess online and with the help of programs



Nowadays it has become much easier to learn how to play chess, and it doesn’t even need to look for a partner, since it is possible to play this game with the help of various programs, online or with a computer. The beauty of such games is that knowing the basic rules, tactics and strategies you can learn at the same time that you are playing the next game, and that you can conduct them at any time convenient for you and even anywhere.

There are a lot of computer programs on chess games, one of the most popular is “Chess from Kasparov”.This game has excellent design and allows you to train your mental abilities as a very green beginners, and quite experienced professional players.


How to learn to play chess - "Chess from Kasparov"

How to learn to play chess - "Chess by Kasparov"


In addition to computer programs, many applications for phones have been created, which greatly simplifies the search for a place to play games. Also a great way is to learn how to play chess online, with a real partner who has joined the game.

In any case, in chess games it’s not so important to win them, as it is beautiful and to play wisely, therefore all the time it is necessary to improve your skills in this interesting and ancient game.

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