How to lose weight booty?

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How to lose weight booty?

To lose weight in the thighs, you need to adhere to a special diet and perform special physical exercises. First of all, you need to limit yourself in the diet, otherwise the load will not bring any result. In general, you do not need to think about how to lose weight on your booty, since it is relatively easy to implement. The main thing - act.

Lose weight booty: nutrition

Since the cells are able to pass only pure water through themselves, it is necessary to forget about compotes, teas, juices, coffee and other beverages, and drink only water. Also useful is ordinary ginger tea for half a cup before a meal.

Not bad twice a month to starve. For convenience, do it in the period of the full and new moon - not because this time is any special, but only to ensure that the intervals between the hunger strikes are the same. Such hunger can replace a monthly diet. In general, in order to lose weight in the pope, the body between meals should absorb the already digestible food. That is, do not start eating without feeling hungry, but rather make a kind of daily routine.Food containing carbohydrates is best served for breakfast, fats for lunch, and proteins for dinner. Therefore, eat porridge in the morning, soups - in the afternoon, a little boiled meat - in the evening. Do not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables, but consume them in moderation.

Physical exercises

Worry about losing weight on your legs and pope will leave you very soon if you exercise regularly. The most common slopes and stretch marks are useful, the rotation of the hula hoop helps well. Also developed special exercises for the legs and hips, for example, squats. With arms folded behind your head, legs apart, shoulder-width apart, and squatting straight back fifty times.

Or lie on your side, support your head with your hand and lift your leg up from the top to the ceiling. Put it down. Repeat this approximately ten times for the first leg, and, changing the side, the same for the second. The following exercise effectively affects the body: sit on the floor with your legs straight and place your hands near your hips. Tear off the buttocks from the surface and slowly stretch forward, straightening your body in a straight line. To quickly lose weight in the pope, lift from this position a straight leg up, keeping your back straight, and lower it. Make three sets and change your leg.

You can still do this: lie down on your back, lift your legs up and bend at the knees. Take your foot to the side, and then return it to the starting position. Do the same with the second leg several times. Note that the exercises mentioned will only work when you do them daily.

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