How to make a banner?

A banner is a small ad of advertising character, which, among other things, is also a clickable link leading to other web-resources or pages. The main task of the banner is to attract the attention of users. An effective banner should be as noticeable as possible, but not to annoy the attention of visitors (not to be annoying). Many novice web designers and web designers think about how to make a banner. After all, this is a component of the pages, without which the sale of services and goods through the use of Internet access would not be so effective.

Trying to understand how to make a banner for a site, it is necessary, first of all, to assimilate one nuance - brevity has not ceased to be a sister of talent. No need to do a "parrot" animation with a lot of inscriptions and pictures. The more concise the idea contained in the banner, the easier it will be for the visitor to understand and accept it.

How to make a flash banner

  1. Run a suitable program, for example, Aleo flash intro banner maker, create a new project;
  2. In the tab "size and solid" set the size of the desired banner, its shape and speed of the roller scrolling.If necessary, you can set a specific musical accompaniment;
  3. The "background" tab is responsible for the background of the banner. The background can be a specific image, or the color.
  4. The "effect" tab is of particular interest to web designers. There are quite a few effects, you should choose the right ones.
  5. The "text and image" tab will provide an opportunity to write text on the banner, as well as set a specific image on it.
  6. The "web links" tab will allow you to set a link to a resource, the opening of which will be performed after clicking on our flash banner.

In order to remove the finished banner from the program, you need to click "publish banner" -> "publish", and then select the desired format - swf, gif, avi. Do not forget to make a mark "create HTML code" to create html code. Then click "copy html code to clipboard", then paste the ready code into the site file.

How to make a banner in Photoshop

  1. Create a new document, setting the resolution, height, width and title;
  2. Mark the layer name by clicking on the corresponding icon;
  3. Double-click the layer icon again to open the parameters for the direct overlay. Select a gradient overlay item, specifying the gradient from gray to white;
  4. Create a new layer;
  5. Draw a banner shape using the Pen Tool;
  6. Go to the contours tab, select Workflow, click on the Load Path as a Selection icon, use the rectangular area tool, press I + Shft + Cntr, select the fill tool;
  7. Set the foreground color, click inside the selection to quickly fill it with a selected color;
  8. Double-click on the layer thumbnail to open the blending options, use the stroke if necessary;
  9. Select the Round Rectangular Tool and the color for the new shape you want to create, carefully draw it;
  10. Select all layers by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each layer;
  11. Group all layers - Ctrl + G, name them, for example, "shapes";
  12. Insert the desired image into the center of the banner;
  13. Select the Arbitrary tool, select the arrows in the drop-down list or something like that to improve the design of the banner;
  14. Select the "Text Tool", add the required text;
  15. By adding layer styles, visually improve text performance;
  16. Group the layers of the specified text in a separate folder in the same way as previously grouped the shape layers. Name the folder "text".

Banner is ready for immediate placement!

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