How to make a biowave correctly?

Girls are difficult to understand: today she collects hair in a ponytail, and tomorrow she dissolves and achieves perfectly even curls, the day after tomorrow the desire to walk with a smooth and straight hair disappears, and she stubbornly looks for ways to make cute and playful curls.

This cycle of changes and endless searches probably never stops, a woman will always look for ways to change and change, the only thing that confuses many of the fair sex is the possible harm done when creating this or that image.

Curls adorn a woman

Indeed, endless curling irons, hair curlers, papillots, as well as not the most useful curls, ever get completely bored, the hair gradually gets worse, brittle and overdried curls are getting harder and harder each time, how to be? How to transform, enjoy cute curls without compromising the health of your own hair?

As it turned out, hairdressing, already, as years 10, gave a positive answer to this burning question: to provide your hairattractive curls really using biowave, at the same time, no harmful effects and crippled hair!

If we turn to our mothers, they, for sure, first of all, will remember the perm, which at the end of the last century enjoyed great popularity among the fair sex. Under the action of active chemicals, quite tolerable and nice curls were obtained; however, here the hair was worn out before our eyes, eventually turning into a lifeless, brittle mass.

Over time, the popularity of the perm went away, and it’s not a matter of a change in fashion trends, it was too harmful for the hair.

Main to perform the procedure correctly

What is a biocoal now? What could have changed in just 10-15 years? It turns out that it could have changed not only the name. In 1999, the Italian company Green Light offered the world a new unique technology for curling hair and eyelashes, which is carried out with the help of a special composition that not only does not adversely affect the hair and scalp, but, on the contrary, improves their structure and appearance. How could this happen?

The fact is that this special composition for biochemistry (also called biowave) is free from the presence of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and many other harmful substances.Everything else, it includes biological protein, which during the procedure penetrates into the structure of each hair, enriching it, improving the appearance and structure of the entire hair.

What is the essence of the whole procedure?

If you carefully look at the pictures of hair before and after the procedure, it is difficult to believe the eyes, because some of the hairstyles look more like a painstaking styling than the usual curl, so the hair looks perfectly and well groomed.

Small or large curls, different hair length and varying degrees of curl twist, color and luster of the hair can not help but admire the result that creates a new and unique image.

Most experts, of course, recommend carrying out the procedure in specialized beauty salons, but you can cope with a biowave at home, although the result does not always meet your expectations. Of course, the price of this procedure is somewhat higher than, for example, the price of a conventional perm, but its undeniable advantages justify the money spent on it.

If you decide to do biochemistry, you should know that the procedure itself has several types that differ in the composition used for curling, but the technology itself remains common to all.

  • Mossa.One of the most popular types of biocoal, which in its composition contains bamboo extract, which has a strengthening and protective effect. This type is best suited to owners of thin and weakened strands, as the therapeutic effect of the composition will give the hair a natural lightness and shine.
  • With silk proteins. The name of this kind of wave obtained from the content of silk proteins, which allow to preserve the structure of hair, give them silky and healthy volume.
  • Japanese Thanks to the lipid-moisturizing complex, the natural moisture of the strands remains, and their elasticity and luster is maintained. Especially good is this perm for long hair, numerous reviews that have tried on themselves girls say that it is with its help that ideal curls of medium hardness are obtained.

How to determine the size of curls?

It all depends on what result you want to get: for example, large hair will look best on unpainted hair, as they look as natural as possible.

However, it is important to remember that the larger the bobbin used in the biowave process, the less tangible, more like large waves, than tangible curls.

To achieve a clear curls, you must use the smallest bobbins, however, such a head of hair may not suit every girl. For example, for ladies with large features and long hair, it is better to prefer large curls.

Small curls will not suit everyone

Small curly hair looks perfect on short hair, by the way, it is not necessary that all curls are the same size, they can be varied, giving hairstyles to an even more natural look.

Stages of biocarvival

Before starting the procedure, the master must check the condition of your hair, as well as determine the type, and then select the desired type of hair curler. If you have badly weakened hair and the structure of your hair is broken, then the master can offer you to undergo a preliminary reconstruction procedure that will strengthen and improve your curls and also allow you to hold the biowave for a longer time.

By the way, on average, after this procedure, the curls keep about 3-6 months, depending on the individual characteristics and structure of the hair. At the end of time, the hair begins to straighten out gradually, while remaining in a natural and attractive form.

  • At the first stage, the master processes your hair with a special shampoo that helps to maximize the hair cuticle of the hair.
  • Then the hair is twisted on your chosen bobbins, alternately treating the strands with a special tool that actively nourishes your hair with protein, in fact, being the main tool in creating the expected result.
  • The wizard applies a neutralizer that thickens the protein, and also restores the hair structure.
  • The last stage is fixing the strands, unwinding and processing with a special tool that restores the acid-base balance, which is very important for giving a beautiful and healthy look to your curls.

Interestingly, recently the biowave procedure of eyelashes, which is usually accompanied by dyeing with semi-permanent mascara, has become less popular. The essence of the procedure is as follows: a beautiful smooth bend is given to your eyelashes by means of biowave, and innovative mascara allows you to give them a brighter and more volumetric appearance for at least 2-3 weeks.

In this case, the eyelashes have a very well-groomed and healthy appearance, the mascara does not crumble even under the action of water, does not require any additional actions and daily updates.

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