How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Black turtleneck from viscose and cashmere + silver brooch with cubic zirconias

Black color has long been time to stop associating with depression and drama - on the contrary, it is the most creative background on which you have the right to develop your own performance. Put on this turtleneck under a summer dress with a print and demonstrate how you can "play" in fashion according to your rules. Or “paint” it with brooches, bright and direct.

Which bottom to choose?Summer dress with a colorful pattern or a fluffy skirt with a print.

How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Turtleneck Mango (1 999 rub.)brooch SL, silver, cubic zirconias, alpanite (order)

Turtleneck coral color of merino wool + gold ring with amethyst and corundum

Quality is not in doubt, but the hint of baked salmon hints that such a thing will not be easy to find a pair. No matter how it is! Connect your imagination and try synonymous pastel shades: light pink, sand, purple, beige, and like in clothes,so in the decorations.

Which bottom to choose?Nightie satin or silk dress or identical medium-length skirt.

How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Turtleneck Uniqlo (2 999 rub.)Maskom ring, pink gold, amethyst, corundum (order)

Two-tone turtleneck viscose + gold diamond earrings

Geometry in design and the idea of ​​duality inherent in a thing inspires us to look for ornaments with the same message. In their place will perfectly look pendants and earrings with different kinds of figures and preferably with diamonds that will add glitter decorations.

Which bottom to choose?A narrow skirt-pencil or pants-kyulots with perfectly ironed arrows.

How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Turtleneck Zara (1 999 rub.)earrings SL, white gold, diamonds (order)

Turtleneck yellow from the tensele + suspension of gold

Incidentally, tencel is an innovative material made from eucalyptus wood. Fashion is becoming more environmentally friendly, and we strive to give preference to natural materials and expensive metals, instead of regularly acquiring synthetics and bijouterie on sales.

Which bottom to choose?Jeans in vintage 70s or 80s style.

How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Simon Miller Turtleneck (£ 117)suspension DEL'TA, pink gold (order)

Beige cashmere turtleneck + tourmaline gold earrings

Pearls and silver or white gold on a beige background will be lost, but sparkling pink or yellow gold and colored stones of complex shades will be just in place. Let your jewelry be considered, and the beige turtleneck is just a calm background.

Which bottom to choose?Wide pants white (as long as the weather permits!) Or dark brown.

How to make a fashionable boring turtleneck

Polo-neck H & M (8 999 rub.)Maskom earrings, pink gold, tourmaline, cubic zirconias (order)

Red turtleneck viscose + gold pendants

Red cannot be called modest, so the question is brewing: do you really need jewelry for such a thing? Yes, and more, if it is yellow gold in perfect performance, and you can even in the amount of several pieces. Just do not do the bottom of the motley, otherwise the show will turn Versace, no less.

Which bottom to choose?Something black, voluminous and as classic as possible.

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