How to make a Japanese garden

Before you make Japanesegarden, decide what area you plan to allocate for it. The plot can be from a few meters to several tens of square meters. Looks pretty impressivegardenS two-three square meters, representing a small corner of the foreign culture.
Pick up the plot so that it faces south or southeast, otherwise Japanese plants will not have enough sunlight. If desired, you can use the local varieties of trees and shrubs, just styling them in the Japanese style. If the north side, the easiest way to creategardenstones and water.
After clearing the plot, fence it with at least a small fence or hedge. As vegetation, use conifers such as thuja, juniper, cypress. You can add to the composition with the help of shrubs. Traditionally in Japanesegardenah planted ferns and other bushes with wide leaves. In the middle lane is well acclimatized and fits into the Japanese landscape of the host and hoofed dog.
When the vegetation is planted, the restgardenDecorate with stones. In Japan, they are laid in accordance with the principles of Buddhism - three in each composition. The basic rule for laying stones is that they should complementgardenrather than overload it.
Create ingardena small waterfall, or at least a pond, is not so difficult to do. It is only necessary to dig into the ground any empty container, fill it with water, and at the edges decorate it with living vegetation and stones. It is often practiced to create an artificial bed of a dried-up river in the form of a mound of stones recessed into the ground.

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