How to make a notebook with your own hands

How to make a notebook with your own handsBeautiful notebook with an unusual design is a great gift for a loved one. You can create one, having familiarized yourself with the detailed master class “How to make a notebook from paper with your own hands”. Videos, photos and step by step instructions will help you in this task.

How to make a notebook with your own hands at home


  1. Take regular A4 office paper, as well as some multi-colored sheets for inserts.
  2. Collect the leaves in a notebook, for a paper with a density of 80 g / m2, take 5 sheets each, for a more dense one, take 3 sheets each.
  3. Fold the notebook in half. You need to prepare a sufficient number of such parts. Select the exact quantity depending on the desired thickness of the product. For example, for a notebook with 130 sheets of A5 format, you need 13 such notebooks.How to make a notebook with your own hands at home
  4. Put the prepared notebooks stacked one on top of the other. At the fold side, attach a piece of cardboard on both sides. Now take the clerical clips and secure the spine all over the height.The attached cardboard will protect the sheets from dents under pressure. The block should stay under the press for about 3 hours, a little more.
  5. As soon as the notebooks are pressed, you can open the clips. Now you need to align the spine, for this knock them on the table or other hard surface. Align the spine again clip, but now they must be from the top and bottom sides of the future product.
  6. Saw 6 holes in the spine over the entire thickness approximately at equal distance. For this you can use a regular file. It is advisable to make a markup with a pencil, measuring the distance with a ruler.How to make a notebook with your own hands at home
  7. Now we need to start stitching the block. To do this, take two ribbons from a fabric, for example, cotton, thread "Iris" and a needle. The width of the tape is slightly less than the distance between the holes.
  8. Place one notebook on the edge of the table so that your side is folded. Sew it with a seam "forward the needle", leave a small piece of thread outside.
  9. Place the second notebook on top of the first one, the holes should be one above the other. Insert the needle into the hole of the second notebook and also sew it. At the same time in places where you will bend around the tape, hook on the thread of the previous notebook.After you reach the edge, tie the thread together with the left tail into several knots and pull them up.How to make a notebook with your own hands at home
  10. Place the third notebook on top, repeat all the same. After sewing a notebook, tie a knot to connect it with the previous ones. At the same time, thread the needle into the thread that is between the first two notebooks. Withdraw the needle, leaving a loop, pass the needle into it. Press the sheets, make the knot tight.
  11. Now alternately put all the notebooks, not forgetting to sew them to the block and tie knots along the edges. As soon as you sew all the notebooks, make several knots on the side.
  12. Put the block between two pieces of cardboard, flatten the spine so that the notebooks are lying one to another. Button the stationery clips on top and bottom.
  13. Glue the spine. Best of all, the moment sealant may be suitable for this. Simply apply it to the spine over the entire length and spread it on the surface with a sponge, filling each gap. Once all the cracks are filled, align the layer and remove the excess.
  14. Next, fasten the clips as at the very beginning, their pressing part should be as close as possible to the spine.Allow the glue to dry, leaving an hour or more under pressure.
  15. Remove the block, glue a few sheets of kraft paper and tape to it with a glue stick.
  16. Get down to preparing bookends. For this you will need two sheets of thick A4 paper. Fold the sheets in half with the outside side inward. Glue the bookend to the block. In this case, Kraft and ribbons should be on top of the bookend.How to make a notebook with your own hands at home
  17. Align the edges of the created block. This can be done with a special cutter or manually with a construction knife (using a metal ruler).
  18. Then a cardboard of the cover is applied to the received block, a cardboard spine is fastened on top of it.
  19. Make a beautiful cover of fabric, decorate it with beads or small details made of fabric.
  20. Glue the cover to the block, gently applying glue on the fly leaf and slamming the cover, repeat the same with the back part. Press down the notepad or put it under the press. Done!

There are many different ways to make a notebook with your own hands: from a notebook, ready-made blocks, sheets for notes or plain paper. Choose the most suitable one for you and start creating this beautiful and very useful product.

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