How to make a ringtone on iPhone?

Apple-branded smartphones, also called IPhones, attract many customers with their ease of use and design. This is a thin phone with many features available to the user around the clock. It is released on the IOS operating system. In the mobile phone market, this is the main competitor of all Android phones.

All of us, smartphone users, love our phone to look unique - for this we apply various personalization elements - menu design, wallpapers on the main screen, and, of course, a ringtone. But not all the tracks that we like, start loud enough or from the point from which we would like. For this there are ways to trim the melody.

Make a ringtone for iPhone 4, 5, you can use several programs (iTunes, iTools (OS X / Windows); (GarageBand (OS X); Fried Cookies ’Ringtone Maker (Windows), as well as online services.

Creating a ringtone for IPhone using iTunes program

So, how to create a ringtone in iTunes:

  1. on computer.
  2. Download the song you want to cut to call the phone.
  3. In the interface of the program in the tab "Music" we find the desired track.
  4. Right-click on the desired song, select the "Information" section.Go to the tab "Options".
  5. In the Parameters tab, we see the lines "Start" and "Stop Time". Put a tick and assign these options at its discretion. For example: 0:35:00 and 0:01:05.
    • Tip: listen to the track in advance and determine the exact start and end time.
    • The maximum length of the ringtone for iPhone is 30 seconds.
  6. Click OK and see the original menu - a list of music tracks.
  7. Again, right-click on the track, then select "Create version in AAC format". Now we have a file in the list with the same name as the song being trimmed, but its duration is 30 seconds.
  8. Right-click on the resulting file, select "Show in Windows Explorer". A folder opens in which our m4a file is located.
  9. In order for iTunes to read the file, you need to change its name and format right there. Thus, our file, for example, song.m4a should be song.m4r. After saving, we will see that the file icon changes. If the file format cannot be changed:
    • When our folder has just opened, press the Alt key - a menu appears at the top. Click Tools - Folder Options.
    • In the window that opens, go to the second tab (“View”), scroll down the list and remove the check mark in front of the line “Hide extensions for registered file types” - Apply - OK
  10. When we have successfully changed the format, we left-click on our music file, it should be played in the program.
  11. After that, click on the "Music" button in the upper left corner - Sounds (Ringtone). Different versions of the program may have differences in the names. Go to this contribution and see our file there.
  12. But the phone still cannot read this file, so we need to synchronize sounds.
    • Press the IPhone button. In the window that opens, we see a lot of tabs at the top: sounds, music, photos, videos and others.
    • Select the “Sounds” tab and tick our created ringtone.
    • Click the "Apply" button. We wait for the end of synchronization, and the ringtone becomes available in the phone.
  13. Go back to the "Music" tab using the button in the upper left corner and delete the 30-second file that was created, because it will only interfere.
  14. We do not forget that we set the duration from 35 seconds in the properties of our full-size track. In this case, if the track is in the playlist, it will automatically play from 35 seconds and go 30 seconds. Go to the "Information" section and in the "Parameters" tab, remove the checkmarks on the time frames that we have entered, click "OK."

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Creating a ringtone using ITools

Perhaps the interface of this program will seem to you easier. This is an alternative way to create a ringtone for IPhone 4, 5.

  1. and run it on the computer. Of course, our phone is already connected.
  2. After connecting, a program window will appear. In the menu on the left, select the Media tab - “Ringtones” (with a bell icon).
  3. At the top, on the panel that appears, find the bell icon and click.
  4. In the window that appears, you can select any fragment of the melody with a duration of up to 25 seconds for SMS and up to 40 for calls, we can listen to it right there. Set the frame, click the "Save" button.
  5. In the window that appears, select the function "Import to device". You can also save to PC, but this is at your discretion.
  6. We are finishing work with the device and are content with the new ringtone that has become available in the phone.

Ways to create ringtones online

There are several online services where you can make an iPhone ringtone online. They all work this way:

  • upload the track that we want to cut to the server;
  • we cut it off;
  • The site provides a link to download a ringtone in two types of formats: .mp3 and m4r. One of the bottom to listen to on the computer, if there is such a need, and the other - to install it as a ringtone for our iPhone.

Here is a list of some of the most common online services where we can create our own ringtones:

Step by step instructions written on the sites.

Now you know how to make a ringtone for iPhone.

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