How to make a rock garden

You will need
  • Large stones and a little smaller - to create compositions, a lot of small gravel, rakes.
So, first you need to decide where exactly the placement of such a corner �for meditation and reflection� is planned. Prepare the area set aside for organizing the stone garden - level the surface to minimize unevenness of the soil surface, mark the places where large boulders will be installed. But for this you first need to decide on the main place - the point of view of the garden, because it is of great importance for the formation of the landscape of your garden.stones.
Having determined the viewing angle, install the main boulders. Depending on your desire, the stones can be placed in groups or singly, vertically or horizontally.
Cover the rest of the area with small pebbles, level with a rake.
At will (this is only for decorative purposes), small stones with a rake around the boulders can be leveled in concentric circles, and throughout the remaining territory - with wavy lines.

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