How to make a staircase in Minecraft?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
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How to make a staircase in Minecraft?

The game Minecraft many different devices, made by the player. This, as well as the application, sometimes very unexpected, and attracts many participants in the game. Often the question arises about a particular subject: how to do it? The staircase in Minecraft is also no exception. A wooden ladder is a solid block that is mounted on the side surface of other blocks. It is designed to move vertically. The staircase can be found in the library of the fortress or in a house in the village. It is created from seven sticks.

Open the crafting window and insert the sticks in the form of the letter "H". That is: the left and right vertical rows of the window are filled with sticks, and in the middle row we insert a stick in the middle. Click the arrow on the right and get the finished product.

Using stairs

The ladder does not let the water through, and it is used to build an air tube. It can also be installed on an invisible bedrock in the pocket version. After that, the opportunity to climb on the wall, which limits the game world.

Now you know how to make a staircase in Minecraft.When a player is on the ladder, the destruction of blocks is halved. Moving up the stairs, you can press and hold the Shift button and the character will no longer fall, will stop.

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