How to make a summer wardrobe for all occasions


They are the shortened trousers of your favorite style. Ignore all the sports and denim models to find such an elegant thing, as if a beige trench once decided to become a trouser. The mood of this thing at the moment changes due to shoes: heels or muly slippers give opposite results.

Cups Topshop

Topshop Culottes (£ 39)

Lightweight print dress

Look for a model that has a “critical” length for you: the minimum to wear in the city (if you are shy, add short shorts to the dress), and optimal for the holidays, when you want your legs to tan.

Zara dress

Zara dress (1 199 rub.)

Denim shorts

Not any, but “with a reputation” - without holes, broken ends and other signs of ignoble origin. Decent brands have long learned to make such denim shorts, for which both your boss and your grandmother will praise you.

Guild Prime Denim Shorts

Guild Prime denim shorts (8 827 rub.)

Top transformer

And again, we demand more from things than usual: not just another short T-shirt or something like a “continuation” bra, but a full-fledged top with which you can “play” and come up with different versions of wearing depending on what you want reach and in what geographical position you are relative to the beach.

Top-transformer Dodo Bar Or

Top Transformer Dodo Bar Or (€ 59 at a discount)

Wicker Bag

Jane Birkin, by the way, carried her adorable basket bag even to glamorous parties. Try it and you with the help of this accessory to add charm to simple summer ensembles. With a special chic, bags made of natural materials are combined with things of white color - even the style is not important.

Hat Attack Wicker Bag

Woven Hat Attack Bag (5 975 rub. On discount)

Denim skirt

We especially like the skirts with buttons in the spirit of the 60-70s, which at that time were worn with knitted tops and sandals on the platform. Today you have a wider choice: try theatrical blouses with colored sandals and sports short tops with sneakers.

Bershka denim skirt

Bershka denim skirt (2,599 rubles)

Heeled sandals

Sales as if invented in order that we could afford one “crazy” purchase and then never experience remorse.Quench your thirst for shopping adventures on shoes, about which you want to say "wow!" And at the same time stand firmly on his heels.

Uterque Heeled Sandals

Uterque Heeled Sandals (5,250 RUB at a discount)

Short jumpsuit

More complex in cut than typical summer dresses that you wear, or even with a hint of military design. Wear it in the evenings with
elongated jackets and boots, and on the beach with lace-up sandals.

Zara Short Jumpsuit

Zara short jumpsuit (1 999 rub. At a discount)

Ring with emerald

Buy yourself a “self-styled adornment” for the summer, so that every time you look at it, your mood will rise, and only positive and bright moments will appear in your memory.

SL Ring, Rose Gold, Emerald

Ring SL, pink gold, emerald (order)

Knitted sheath dress

Brilliant knit dresses of their kind not only divinely emphasize the figure, but also are capable of changing the length - from very long to midi or even to short. And it’s not worth talking about multifunctionality, although we will mention one option separately: it’s pleasant to wear a simple knit dress under a transparent beach tunic in the city, as if you have just returned from a resort.

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