How to make a wish to come true?

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Answered on December 1, 2014 17:45
There is a huge number of ways to fulfill desires. The most important thing is to understand what you want. And articulate a desire. Be sure to exclude all negative particles, make your desire as positive as possible and certainly in the present tense. Now, repeat it as often as possible, and feel with your whole body that your desire has already been fulfilled. The power of gratitude will help you. Thank the universe as if you already have it. Well, of course, visualize the dream. Create in your imagination a picture in the smallest details. And enjoy watching)
Answered on December 1, 2014 18:05
It is necessary to think, to speak in the present tense: "I have ...", etc. It’s as if you already have what you want. And you need to be sure of this, and not want in the future - because there is a chance that it may not come true.

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