How to make bath towels soft?

Unfortunately, towels and some other products after washing often become hard and completely unpleasant to the touch. Is it possible to return them the former softness? Of course you can! Find out how to do this.

Causes of rigidity

Why, after washing towels and many terry things become hard? There are several reasons for this:

  • Poor quality tap water. If it contains various impurities, they can easily be deposited in the fibers during washing and make them very rigid.
  • Poor quality powder. Its particles can also remain in the fibers and noticeably degrade their properties.
  • Wrong wash. If you choose a mode with a large number of turns, the villi can be damaged, lose their original properties and deteriorate greatly. In addition, the high temperature of the water can lead to the appearance of hardness.
  • Substandard towels. If they are made of not the best materials, then they will certainly become unpleasant to the touch after the first wash, and, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.
  • Incorrect drying.If the terry product is dried near a heating or heating device, or even more so on it, then it will certainly become tough.

How to return softness?

How to make a towel soft and fluffy, that is, the way it was when you buy?

  1. Try using a liquid detergent instead of ordinary washing powder. Firstly, it dissolves faster and better, secondly, it is completely washed out during rinsing. In addition, such compounds quite effectively cope with pollution.
  2. To make the products soft, you can use vinegar, it will help to cope with the increased water hardness and soften the material fibers noticeably. For 10 liters of water you need to add about half a glass of 9 -% - vinegar. But use a transparent, not dark apple, otherwise the towel will darken. In addition, some acid can be added during machine wash to the rinse aid compartment.
  3. Return the terry products fluffiness helps air conditioning. But it is worth choosing the one that is designed specifically to give softness. And after using it, do not forget to rinse the item well.
  4. Try using salt. There are several ways to do this.The first is machine wash with salt. Simply place it in the powder compartment and select the delicate wash mode. The second is rinsing in salt water. For five liters, add five tablespoons. In the resulting solution, thoroughly rinse the thing, then rinse it in clean water, and then dry it. The third way is to add salt in the wash. You can mix it with powder. And, finally, old towels can be soaked in saline solution (two to three tablespoons per liter of water) for several hours or even overnight, after which they should be rinsed well. By the way, it is best to use natural sea salt, it is more effective.
  5. Will help and soda. Firstly, it reduces the hardness of water, secondly it softens the fibers of the material, thirdly, it copes with the most difficult stains and, fourthly, eliminates all unpleasant odors. Soda can be used for washing (both with machine and hand), adding a small amount of it to the usual detergent. You can also use this product when rinsing. You can try to soak the product in soda solution, adding two or three tablespoons of powder to each liter of liquid.
  6. Try a product that has become rigid and leave it in a basin or in a bath with cool or warm water overnight. Then the fibers are completely cleared of impurities of poor quality water and particles of the powder and soften.
  7. You can try to regain the softness and fluffiness with a steamer, it softens and smooths the fibers well.


What to do so that the towels do not become hard? The main preventive measures:

  • Choose the right wash mode. The optimum temperature is 30-40 degrees. If the pollution is significant, then you can increase it, but a maximum of up to 50-60 degrees. Boiling is contraindicated. The number of revolutions should be minimal.
  • Rinse well. If you wash them by hand, change the water several times until it is completely clean.
  • Use only high-quality detergents. For example, suitable powder for delicate fabrics, its particles are small, so do not damage the fibers and do not get stuck in them.
  • It is possible to use mineral or filtered water when washing and rinsing, but this, of course, is very problematic. Although the filter can be installed on the faucet or even in the water supply.
  • Dry towels properly, namely, as far as possible from heat sources and preferably on a flat horizontal surface, so that no creases remain.
  • It is not recommended to iron terry products, as during this procedure the eyelets are pressed and deformed, due to which they lose their original properties. It is better to dry the towels in the washing machine or in the dryer. You can also shake a thing and leave it to dry on a horizontal flat surface.
  • It is not necessary and actively squeeze the towel, twisting it strongly, it also leads to the deformation of the fibers.
  • It is better to wash the towels in the bag so that the loops do not rub against the drum of the typewriter and are not damaged.
  • Buy only quality products.
  • Shake the product well before drying to straighten the fibers.

Let the tips above help you make your towels fluffy and soft!

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