How to make decorations for the Christmas tree of oranges?

There is not much time left before the New Year, and therefore many people are already beginning to think about how to decorate the New Year tree so that it amazes everyone around with its beauty. Of course, now in the shops you can find a large variety of Christmas tree decorations for every taste and wallet size.

But if you want a Christmas tree like yours, as if no one else had any more, then you can use original decorations made of improvised means for its decor. Not sure where to start? Then remember the stories of your moms and grandmothers. Previously, the Christmas tree was decorated with fruits and sweets. So why do not you make the same "delicious" jewelry yourself?

Of course, the candy on the Christmas tree will not stay long, especially if there are children in the house, but the fruits will become a real find for you. It is best to use oranges or tangerines for this purpose, as their aroma goes well with the smell of pine needles.Especially since even the smallest members of the family can participate in the manufacture of toys from citrus fruits.

How can you make such fragrant jewelry?

There are several options for making Christmas decorations from oranges.

You can simply cut them into circles, the thickness of which should not exceed 15 mm. After that, oranges need to put on a baking sheet covered with foil, and put in the oven for 4 hours. Temperature condition should be minimal - not higher than 65ºС. Every hour the circles need to be turned over. After you get the oranges out of the oven, you need to put them on a napkin so that they cool down.

Then you need to make a hole in them and stretch a string or ribbon through it. That's all - your Christmas decoration is ready. On one rope you can hang one circle or several at once. You can also create an aromatic composition of dried oranges and cinnamon sticks, or make a whole garland of citrus slices. You can look at options of such jewelry on a photo on the Internet.

To create Christmas decorations, you can use the peel of citrus fruits. Mandarins are well suited for this, but oranges can also be used. On the inside of the peel, you can draw any shape you want with a handle.After that, it must be cut with scissors or a knife. Sometimes the orange peel is too thick.

In this case, you need a knife to scrape off its white layer. If you want all the figures to be the same size, then you can use cookie cutters to cut them.

The important point is that the hole for the rope needs to be made in the peel immediately, while it has not dried yet.

After that, the figures must be put on paper under a heavy press, which can be used as a large book. This will not allow the peel to curl during drying. Your decorations will be ready in a few days.

You can also make your own Christmas balls orange. First, on the whole orange, you need to make several incomplete cuts, after which you need to put it on the battery, all night. And in the morning you should get the flesh out of it, slightly widening the cuts. From above you need to make a hole for the rope. After that, the orange must again be put on the battery. Thus it is dried for 4 days, periodically turning.

As you can see, a lot of beautiful and original Christmas-tree decorations can be made from orange.To do this, all you need is just a little imagination.

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