How to make fragrant oil: video recipe

In order for dishes to acquire a richer taste and aroma, they should be prepared on the basis of fragrant oil. Vegetable oil from spicy plants and herbs will preserve the aromatic substances of additives and will become an indispensable addition to many recipes. Fragrant oil can be used as a dressing for salads, as well as it is useful when canning. Most often rosemary, thyme, basil, dill, garlic and other spices are used as flavoring. Woman’s Day offers a video recipe for making fragrant oil with exotic bergamot.

To make fragrant oil at home you will need a beautiful bottle or carafe. Before starting the preparation of this sauce, thoroughly wash the jar, which will then be infused with fragrant oil.

To prepare basil-flavored oil, you need to take a liter of extra virgin olive oil - there should be a mark on the labelExtraVirgin. Oil should be carefully poured into the bottle.For this simple recipe, you also need one bergamot fruit. Exotic citrus fruit is usually added to tea, but it can also be used to make fragrant oil. Use a knife to cut off the peel of bergamot, the main thing is to make the petals as thin as possible, and add them to the bottle with olive oil. After that, cork the bottle and put in a dark cool place. It is necessary to insist aromatic oil within a month, only after this time the oil will turn out to be the most saturated aroma and unusual taste. Strain before use.

If the taste of bergamot seems too unusual to you, then you can start to make fragrant oil with dill. On a liter of oil enough to add three or four handfuls of chopped dill, and you can use both fresh and dry greens. For beauty, you can add a whole sprig of plants, on which the oil is insisted.

By the way, olive oil is not the only one that can become the basis for an aromatic sauce.

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