How to make kvass from kvass wort - 3 step by step recipes

To make kvass, you will need a base, which is sold in grocery stores. When choosing a must, consider, "malt extract" - the name used by some manufacturers, is the same product.

Rate the view of the wort. A high consistency and almost black color testify to high quality. Do not take the liquid option.

Having free time and a desire to make a basis for kvass on your own, you can do it on your own without purchasing a store product

The classic recipe of kvass from kvas wort

Photo of malt for leavened wort

Consider a recipe based on wort.

  • 2 tbsp. l. kvass wort;
  • cooled boiled water - 3 liters;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • dry yeast, enough ½ tsp;
  • raisins.
  1. Prepare a jar of three liters. Dissolve the wort and sugar in 0.5 liters of warm water (the maximum possible temperature is 35 degrees).It is permissible to use any amount of sugar, this ingredient is added to taste.
  2. The resulting liquid is poured into a jar, add the rest of the water, then - yeast, do not mix.
  3. Cover the bank with a lid, go to the next stage in 1-2 days, when fermentation will occur.
  4. Periodically check the taste of the drink, when the result is satisfied, spill on the bottles of plastic, in each of which add a few highlights. Next comes gassing.
  5. Eat kvass when it becomes foamy, and the bottles are hard. Store in the refrigerator.
Video recipe

How to make kvass from kvass concentrate

Do you like kvass? A tasty drink will turn out when using a concentrate.

  • base - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • boiled water - 3 liters;
  • yeast in the amount of 6 g (live).
  1. In a clean container, designed for 3 liters, pour the prepared concentrate, then - a liter of water (temperature 80 degrees).
  2. Infuse liquid for three hours.
  3. Pour in the sugar, pour out the rest of the cooled water, add the yeast. Fill the jar on the hangers.
  4. After 3-4 days, when fermentation is complete, pour the finished product into containers, cool.
Video preparation

How to make sourdough kvass

  • leaven rye - 20 g;
  • wort - 200 g;
  • cooled boiled water - 6 liters;
  • sugar - 6 tbsp. l .;
  • raisins.
  1. Dilute the leaven with a little liquid. Use a saucepan to make a drink.
  2. Add the wort, mix the liquid thoroughly.
  3. After 12 hours, you will see air bubbles, indicating primary fermentation. Add sugar, mix the liquid.
  4. In bottles with kvass, add a little raisins, soak for 12 hours.
  5. A ready-to-drink drink will be received in seven days. Keep it in the fridge all the time.

The benefits and harm of kvass from the wort

The beneficial effect of kvass from homemade wort kvass on the gastrointestinal tract is due to its chemical composition. The drink does not allow to multiply harmful bacteria and microbes, improves the state of dysbacteriosis, normalizes metabolism, digestion, the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Useful properties appear during fermentation, as in rye flour kvass.

The vitamins present in the composition positively influence the immunity, and the acids remove the dead and diseased cells. With the help of home kvass reduce weight, eliminate fatigue, improve the health and the state of tooth enamel.It is useful in hypertension, pancreatic diseases and diabetes. Thanks to the content of vitamin C vessels are cleaned, cholesterol is excreted. Kvass is also useful for the body of people who suffer from heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, increased gas formation.

It is useful to drink with glaucoma and other eye lesions. With regular use, there is an improvement in vision. Kvass is an effective remedy for viruses, bacteria. It brings the body good for tonsillitis, otitis, pneumonia, bronchitis.

Harm and contraindications

Some people should give up kvass. Such a drink harms with an ulcer, provokes an aggravation. It is contraindicated to use it for cancer, problems in the gallbladder, liver. It is not recommended to drink kvass to drivers, pregnant, lactating women because of the increased risk of edema, violation of the chair. With impaired renal function, problems with urinary tracts, it is permissible to consume a small amount of a drink.

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Kvass refers to beverages that are refreshingly refined and rich in flavor.A lot of useful properties allows you to use kvass from kvass wort, oats, chicory for various health problems. However, before you include it in the diet, study the existing indications and contraindications.

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