How to make oily skin normal

You will need
  • - water,
  • - liquid soap,
  • - scrub,
  • - lotion (tonic),
  • - moisturizing cream,
  • - Cosmetics of one company.
Wash your face
Strangely enough, but regular washing helps cleanse and normalize any type of skin, including oily. You can use both regular soap and special products. Among them may be foam, milk and any other liquid cleansing cosmetics. They are sold in pharmacies and in regular stores. If you still like soap, or do not want to spend additional funds, it is best to use liquid soap. It is softer, reducing the risk of skin damage.
Use scrubs
Scrub is an excellent tool for cleansing the pores and exfoliating unwanted particles in the home. Scrubs for fat-like faces are sold in all stores: not only in cosmetics, but also in ordinary supermarkets. Better pick scrubs based on natural ingredients.Means containing oatmeal, aloe, citric acid have a very good effect.
Use lotions and tonics
Like scrubs, you can buy them anywhere. The advantage of lotions and tonics is their ability to defat the skin and make it matte.
Do not neglect moisturizers.
Although oily skin appears to be over-hydrated, it is not. Fatty, paradoxically, arises, including, due to lack of fluid. Therefore, moisturizer will never hurt and will benefit your skin.
Use special cream. Store shelves are covered with various cosmetics, among which you can find a lot of creams for any type of skin of any age category, even for very young girls and guys. Daily use of the cream will eventually cure your oily skin and make it normal.
Buy cosmetics of the same company
If you have cosmetics from different manufacturers, the reaction of the skin to their simultaneous use may be unpredictable. Remember this and follow the beauty of your skin.

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