How to cook scallops? Delicious seafood delicacy

Scallops are nutritious, high-protein, nourishing and very tasty product. Especially it will appeal to lovers of seafood delicacies. Where does he come from?

Many travelers bring shells of slightly convex shape from the Mediterranean countries as a souvenir. Their doors are often used in the creation of jewelry and interior details. Few people know that scallops live in such shells.

How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

Today, there are very few scallops at the bottom of the ocean and they are no longer caught. Instead, special farms were built for growing. It should be noted that scallops produced on farms have an even sweeter and more savory taste than those obtained from the depths of the ocean.

Cooking scallops always starts with defrosting. You should put another packaged product for 35-40 minutes in a bowl of cold water. Do not forget that they are being defrosted rather quickly and it is important to ensure that the meat does not lie in water in vain, otherwise the taste will not be the same.If you want to use the method of professional chefs, then dilute the water with a small amount of milk. But what's next? What to cook with scallops?

There are several ways how to prepare scallops: fry in oil, cook, stew and even eat raw. It all depends on your preferences.

Today you will learn how to cook scallops at home in Chinese with glass noodles. Read the detailed recipe from the photo below.

Cooking scallops at home

How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

We offer you a truly interesting way of cooking scallops. Feel like a virtuoso cook and surprise your relatives with an amazing dish!

Ingredients Required:

  • scallop meat - 500 g
  • glass noodles (made from rice starch) - 200 g
  • butter - 60 g
  • classic style soy sauce (no additives) - 50 ml
  • garlic cloves - 3 pcs

Cooking method:

  1. Defrost the items as we described above.

    How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

  2. Preheat a frying pan with 15-20 grams of butter and fry the scallops until lightly ruddy. Do not overdo it in any way, as the whole dish will spoil.

    How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

  3. Slow down the fire and put the rest of the butter, soy sauce, finely chopped (not squeezed) garlic in the frying pan and soak for 10 minutes. Perhaps the sauce will be too salty for you, in this case, pour it a little smaller.

    How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

  4. Fill the noodles with boiling water, let it stand for 15 minutes, discard in a colander and wait until the water is completely drained. If you have noodles based on bean starch, then throw it into boiling water for no more than 3 minutes.

How to cook scallops tasty at home - recipe with photos

All the ingredients are ready. Bon Appetit!


A few tips on how to cook scallops:

  • if you decide to cook scallops, then you need to be careful. Put them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and lightly salted. Meat enough time to boil well and not lose the taste. It is not necessary to boil more, since a thin taste and juiciness will be lost;
  • Ingredients for pickling are suitable: balsamic vinegar, dill, rosemary, olive oil, basil;
  • It is important to know: if the products are hermetically packed, it means that they were processed by shock freezing to save all taste qualities. If the product is sold for weight, the cost will be quite low, but the quality too. You can not fully enjoy the amazing aroma and taste;
  • For raw consumption, cut the meat into thin slices, sprinkle with olive oil on top, pepper and lightly salt it.

Use our tips and cook delicious!

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