How to make shugaring salon means at home

You will need
  • To prepare the skin for depilation:
  • - Lotion or scrub to cleanse and degrease skin
  • - Talc without fragrances
  • For depilation:
  • - Sugar paste.
  • - Related items (gloves, strips for bandage technology, spatula)
  • After depilation:
  • - Thermal water to clean and moisturize the skin after depilation
  • - Moisturizing and soothing milk or cream.
The first thing we need to do is prepare the skin for shugaring. Before depilation, the skin needs cleaning and degreasing. Lotion before depilation with extracts of mint and birch cleanses the skin from the remnants of creams, deodorants and natural secretions of the skin, opening the pores.
Birch extract disinfects the skin, preventing the appearance of inflammation after depilation.
The lotion is sprayed onto the skin and distributed by hand. Remains of lotion wiped with a paper napkin.
Purified and dried skin must be treated with talcum powder. Talc must be chosen without fragrances and extra additives. It is advisable not to use baby powder, in which manufacturers often add fragrances and soothing additives.
Talc is very gentle and uniform. Consumption is very economical. One bottle is enough for a year.
Talc is applied with a thin layer. On talked skin, the paste will not stick, and the hairs will stick to the paste better and stronger.
The choice of paste for shugaring depends on some factors. Professionals always have in stock a few jars of pasta of different consistencies. For home use, it is enough to purchase 1-2 types of pasta.
The density of the paste should be selected depending on the air temperature in the room, the temperature of the hands and body. The warmer the skin and air, the denser you need to choose a paste and vice versa.
In my opinion, the most versatile pasta for manual technology - medium consistency. I use it all year round on all parts of the body.
For bandage shugaring technique, soft paste and polymer bandages will be needed. With the help of bandage technology it is convenient to depilate the legs.
Unlike wax, sugar paste is applied against hair growth and breaks down on growth.
After depilation, it is necessary to clean the skin of sugar residue residues with the help of special thermal water. Thermals contain special ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and soothe the skin.
Milk or cream will soothe the skin, remove redness and burning sensation.
After shugaring my skin becomes soft and smooth. There are no red points and irritations.

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