How to make the skin matte folk remedies

One of the best natural remedies that helps to deal with such a problem as shine is clay masks. Currently, on the shelves of shops and pharmacies you can see clays of different colors, each of which is in its own way beneficial for the skin.

Blue and white clays are among the most effective for combating excessive oily skin, and they also perfectly fight enlarged pores. So, the mask is prepared as follows: it is necessary to pour a tablespoon of clay into a small bowl, dilute it with a decoction of herbs or plain clean water and apply on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

If you do such a mask at least twice a week, then soon you will be able to forget about such a problem as the oily shine of the skin. It is worth noting that more often you can make such a mask only if you add a few drops of cosmetic oil to it (it will prevent overdrying of the delicate skin of the face).

Perfectly cope with the shine of ordinary ice cubes.You can make them as follows: a tablespoon of chamomile, lime blossom or any other herbs pour boiling water, allow to cool completely, then strain and pour into molds for freezing. If you daily wipe your face with such cubes daily in the morning and in the evening after cleansing, then after a few weeks you will notice that even without powder, the skin can look dull for quite a long time. It is worth noting that wiping the skin with ice cubes is contraindicated for persons who have problems with the vascular networks on the face.

The tonic prepared from such products as cucumber and lemon copes rather well with the oily skin. So, you need to grate the cucumber, squeeze the juice and add a little lemon juice (per 100 ml of cucumber juice a teaspoon of lemon). Daily rubbing of the skin with a similar tonic not only perfectly mattes the skin for a long time, but also perfectly smooths its tone, fights against small rashes.

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