How to make tuning for VAZ

We can safely say that every second owner of the "classics" wants to remake the car for themselves and make it unique. How to make tuning VAZ? You can entrust this business to professionals, and you can try to bring something new. Moreover, you can perform abgreyt salon, appearance and engine, it all depends on the owner of the imagination and the thickness of his wallet.

Engine tuning and appearance

Usually tuning VAZ begins with working with the engine. You can improve the carburetor, replace the valves with foreign ones, modernize the spark plugs, install the lambda probe and filter of zero resistance, and also increase the volume of the cylinders. The first stage increases power, while the second selects the camshaft and adjusts the valve timing. You can completely replace the engine with a more powerful one.
External tuning is mainly in repainting, installing alloy wheels and a new grille and body kit, as well as strengthening the bumper. As for the suspension, you can make it a sports type by changing the springs and shock absorbers.You can give the headlights a unique design and color, as well as slightly darken them, with the help of tinted rear lights and the headlights themselves. You can install new and even fog lights.

Interior tuning

How to make tuning the cabin on the WHA? For a start, you can purchase a kit consisting of an addition to the dashboard and supports, which will improve the functionality of the cabin by filling the empty space with all kinds of pockets and supports. The next step is to begin replacing the sun visors and rear-view mirrors. The easiest way is to replace the seats, because any of the ones you like will enter the VAZ salon. As an option, you can leave the old ones, but drag them over, although the quality of comfort will not change. The steering wheel of the car can also be replaced by a more modern and comfortable option.
Optionally equip the dashboard backlight. And for those who want to part with a cloth for wiping the driver's window once and for all and sit warm in cold weather, instead of opening the window, we can recommend to do the tuning of the stove, or rather refine the left branch pipe.Tuning torpedo is in the closest possible location of the scale from the well devices to the glass, so that they read more clearly. Some go further and install in the cabin VAZ torpedo from Mercedes.

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