How to measure the height of a building

You will need
  • - Barometer;
  • - measuring device;
  • - stopwatch;
  • - rope;
  • - ammeter;
  • - calculator.
Climb to the top of a tall building and drop the barometer from it. Note the time of the fall of the barometer. Then, substituting the obtained values ​​into the formula L = (a * t ^ 2) / 2, calculate the height of the structure.
Place the barometer on top of the high-rise structure and measure the magnitude of the compression deformation of the tower. Then, taking into account the Hooke's Law, which determines the relationship between the force of elasticity and the elastic deformation of the body, calculate the height of the structure.
Using a barometer, measure the height of half of the building, then multiply the resulting indicator by two - this will be the required value.
Tie a rope to a barometer so long that the barometer, lowered from the top of the tower, touches the ground. This design can be used instead of a pendulum. Then, based on the formula of the mathematical pendulum (T = 2 Pi multiplied by the square root of L / g), calculate the height of the building, that is, L.
Connect the high-rise tower and barometer to an electrical circuit (create a serial connection for the first time, and a parallel connection for the second time).Measure in both cases the amperage. Given the resistance of the barometer, the resistivity of the high-rise structure, the voltage and the strength of the current, calculate the height of the structure.
Slowly pull the rope from the top of the tower. When the end of the descending rope touches the ground, make a mark at the point of contact between the rope and the top of the building. After that, wind the rope and go down to the ground with it. Unwind the rope and use the measuring device to measure the distance from the end of the rope to the point of the mark. The result will be the height of the measured structure.
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Remember that for any calculations the error is possible, therefore, to calculate the height of the structure with the "pharmacy" accuracy will not work.
Helpful advice
Theoretically, there are many other ways to measure the height of a building, for example, bury the tower in the ground, then dig it out and calculate the height of the pit. But they are far from reality, so use the method of measurement that is acceptable in your case.

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