How to open a communication salon

Place showrooms in visible places with high traffic during the day. The floor area should be about 40 square meters. Salonsconnectionsoften located in shopping centers, but it should be borne in mind that rents are much higher here than in other places. If you plan to develop a network of salons, but you need to take care of the room for the warehouse.
Work with cell phone vendors. Focus not only on leading brands, but also take into account the little-known manufacturers, who are often willing to make big discounts to wholesalers. It is worth taking into account the fact that the range of cell phones is rapidly becoming obsolete, and new models have to reduce the price a couple of weeks after they enter the market. Therefore, interaction with suppliers should be adjusted in such a way that the new items go on sale in a timely manner.
Equip the point of sale with windows that can be locked, a cash register, a computer with Internet access, telephone connection, an alarm system.Take care of a noticeable sign at the entrance to the salon, decorated in your corporate style.
ATsalonxconnectionsusually young people (often students). The number of staff depends on the size of the room. With an area of ​​40 square meters will require 3-4 seller. Employees must be well instructed and have comprehensive information on phone models. Their work is monitored by the Provide corporate clothing, such as T-shirts in a corporate color with the logo. It is also advisable to hire a security guard, since this type of trade is associated with frequent cases of theft.
It makes sense to organize for clients additional services and services, to offer related products. This could include accepting payments for mobile communications, repair of cell phones, accessories for them, memory cards and so on. Such a step will add appeal to your salon.connectionsin the eyes of visitors.

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