How to organize the second day of the wedding?

Wedding is a very important event! But usually, on the first day, the newly-born husband and wife get so tired of all the responsibilities that have fallen on them, that in the second half of the day they cannot continue the fun. For this, and coined the second day of the wedding. But how to spend it interesting and fun?

Have fun

Where to spend?

To get started is to determine the place in which the second wedding day will be celebrated. We offer several options:

  • Outdoors. If the wedding is scheduled for the warm season, then fresh air will be the most suitable option for the second wedding day. You can go to the river bank or some other reservoir for a day or even for a day, taking with you tents.
  • At the camp site. This option is suitable for lovers of comfort and will combine the delights of nature and the necessary conditions for a normal life. But remember that in the summer houses at the hostel must be booked in advance!
  • If you spent the first day in a restaurant,then on the second day you should not go there. First, it is too expensive, and secondly, it is not interesting. But you can have a great time at home.
  • Go to the bath! This place is loved by many, so that guests will like it.
  • If you are a sports family, go to a sports club and dedicate the day to some exciting game. This could be paintball, volleyball or something else.
  • If on the first day you are tired of the competitions and congratulations of the guests and really want to "tear yourself away", go to the club or to the disco.
  • You can take a trip on the boat, this option should appeal to all!
  • The bride and groom could get so tired at the wedding that, because of their fatigue, they did not have time to enjoy each other and the wedding night. In this case, book a room for two in the hotel and spend the day together in a romantic atmosphere.

Whom to invite?

As a rule, on the first day at the wedding there are literally all the relatives from the parties of the bride and groom. Some of them are in venerable age, while others do not arouse sympathy (yes, it happens). So, on the second day you can forget about all the rules (they were observed on the first day) and invite only those whom you want to see, with whom you want to have fun.

Adult Disability

Many are limited to friends, and rightly so, because friendly communication is no substitute. And only old friends can have fun so that this fun will be remembered for a lifetime. So invite only those you want to see.

What to cook?

The menu on the second day of the wedding, in fact, can be anything. It all depends on your desires, strengths and means. We propose several possible options:

  • From the first day, food probably remained, because some guests simply do not have time to eat because of the rich program. So, use what's left. But do not forget to put all the dishes in the fridge for the night, otherwise they will spoil.
  • Order pizza! This Italian dish has already managed to catch the fancy of many, so surely everyone will be happy.
  • Have a sushi party. Order rolls and sushi and offer guests to taste these Japanese dishes. But consider the preferences of the guests, because not everyone likes rolls.
  • Arrange a buffet table. Make canapes, sandwiches, snacks, chop fruits and vegetables. Surely no one will eat much, but for snacking and “reinforcement” this option is fine.
  • If you decide to arrange a celebration in nature, then treat all the kebabs.This dish leaves very few people indifferent, so everyone will be satisfied.

As for drinks, you should take into account the preferences of the guests.

Decoration of the territory

Still, even the second day of the wedding is a celebration and a festive event, so you need to create the appropriate atmosphere. Do not strive for an ideal, enough for a minimum. If you have any decorations from the last day, feel free to use them. Hang the balls, they are always associated with the holiday.

Bride and groom dress

On the second day, it is not necessary to put on wedding dresses, you can replace them with something else. For example, you can arrange a costume party. Everyone will be delighted with the carnival.

If the celebration is in the summer, then you can organize a Hawaiian party and ask everyone to come in beach clothes and provide thematic attributes (hats, beads).


But nevertheless, the bride and groom should be different from the other guests, because they are the heroes of the occasion. The bride can wear a light white dress (or a white swimsuit in the summer), and the groom can have fun in light pants or shorts and white polo.


So, how to organize a second wedding day? You should not turn such an event into a banal feast, so prepare a script in advance. Of course, it should be different from the script of the first day.

If you wish, you can invite the presenter, but any of the friends of the bride or the groom can play his role. Do not forget about dancing and suitable music, you can’t do without it.

We offer some fun contests:

  1. You can assess the ability of the wife and check what it will be in the economy. To do this, the presenter must advance (and preferably secret from the bride) to ask those present to throw small coins on the floor. The bride should sweep the floor, armed with a broom. In this case, guests can interfere with the bride, throwing a trifle on the floor again and again. Then all together will praise the tired bride.
  2. Husband and wife should prepare for the appearance of offspring, so you can arrange them with an express course of such training. You will need two medium-sized dolls (about 40-50 centimeters in length) and baby clothes. Let the newlyweds dress their “children” and comb them.
  3. For this competition, you will need a special screen with four holes: one large for the head and four small for the arms and legs of an improvised kid.In a large hole, the husband must place the head on which the master puts on a cap. Also, the spouse shoves his hands in the two lower holes, they need to wear sliders (these will be the legs of the child). And in the two remaining holes, the wife, who sits behind her husband, places her hands. Then the baby will need to brush his hair, eat, bleat, drink. But the bottom line is that the wife, not seeing the head of her husband, will have to find a mouth for drinking and feeding and a nose for blowing out. On the part of the attempt will look very funny.
  4. Newlyweds can plant a tree. If the event takes place in nature, it will not be difficult to do this. You can arrange a competition between the bride and the groom and find out which of them will be quicker and faster.
  5. The next contest is called Feed Me! How to spend it? This will require two or three (maybe more) pairs of volunteers (preferably, in one pair were a boy and a girl). Both of the pair leading blindfolds. One partner is offered to drink and feed his partner. First, he offers a drink, then a snack. With your eyes closed, you can do everything right and quickly will not succeed, but the rest will laugh. The one who has appeared is more accurate and faster wins.By the way, do not forget to protect the clothes of guests from pollution, pre-supply all with aprons.

Let the second day of the wedding take place no worse than the first, and be remembered to guests and newlyweds.

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